Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Musing

Today was a long day

It is finally time to go to bed and I am happy about that. I did a bit of cleaning, I hung out with a friend, I got to talk to my sister before she leaves the country, and then I played with the Babe. I am so lucky to get to play with her, I truly am. But sometimes she gets bored or angry or sleepy or just wants to be alone. That makes for a long day.

She is beginning to enjoy taking a bath since she can sit up and can play with her rubber duck. Maybe I should tell her that her favorite bath toy is cliche, but I think she isn't too concerned with what others think of her playing habits.

She likes butternut squash, but it's not her favorite. I think she really eats it because it's in a pouch. She is pretty fascinated by the pouch phenomena.

We had family portraits and RB's 8 month pictures taken on Sunday. Can you believe she will turn 8 months this week?! Whoa! I probably should not tell you any more about her so that you will read her 8 month update. Although, we are going to the Pediatric Urologist on Thursday and could really use your prayers. We would love for her to come off her medicine.

Do you have any rants for random things? I'm not talking politics, I'm talking silly, every day things.  I have a rant about Deja Blue water. I think it tastes gross and I have a personal distaste for all bottles with a sport cap. Cal has a rant about my inability to decide what food I want to eat when I am hungry (he just reminded me of this). Cal has a rant about Christmas music before Thanksgiving, I have a rant about the evil, incahootswiththedevil, tiny dog that lives down the street from us who likes to chase after me when I'm walking with the baby. I have a lot of rants. What are yours? I would like to know.

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  1. I absolutely love Chikfila's Peppermint Chocolate Chip milkshake. It's the BEST! But I don't like having to chew all the peppermint pieces and chocolate chips. So maybe it's more of a love-hate relationship...? But it's just so good. And yet so bad. The caloric intake is ridiculous!! But I was thankful for a milkshake today. And little stomach pain. I forced myself to eat Animal Crackers all day to keep it away. And it worked! Success!