Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Musings

Happy Monday!

My mom was here with me this weekend and she helped me decorate for Fall/Thanksgiving! This is the wreath we made and the super fragrant candles we bought. Mmmmm. You can't see, but on the other side is my beautiful red lantern that Stack gave me. We also have this centerpiece:

The burlap pumpkin on the left is my favorite thing that we found and centered everything around it! I also have this wreath that I made a couple years ago, and a beautiful pumpkin Cal and I made:

I also painted this over the summer with some friends but it is definitely fall colored so we hung it!

We got to try out some fun new restaurants too, all very healthy. The Hobbit Cafe (LOTR themed!! You know I loved it), Ruggles Green (we've already been there, but still super organic/healthy), and

Well, Fall seems to have left us again and it has been warm. Ugh. But my allergies didn't get the memo, so I spent the last week feeling pretty gross. Really missing Allegra-D right now. Then... it came back. Argh!

RB had a tooth poke out on Halloween! On the top! It's as if she is trying to tell me that absolutely nothing she does will be done according to the book. Top middle is her first tooth poking through, shakes head.

I have started NaNoWriMo. I was originally writing a non-fiction, but then realized that it was not a novel. So here goes restarting.

We have officially met the neighbors on either side of us! I have been trying to find time to make cookies to take them for over a week and finally got it all done (in stages of course). So last night we took some yummy cookies over and met some super sweet people. RB even seemed to really like them which is always a bonus. Here's hoping that our street becomes our ministry and that we can get to know more and more people!

I am making pumpkin scones today with a friend I haven't hung out with in forever.

Please go check out the Pink Project through Naturallyestes!

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