Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Pink Project

I have a friend over at Naturallyestes who is doing this amazing thing called The Pink Project! She has been burdened with a heart for women in Ethiopia who have been forced into the sex industry. 1 out 9 women, y'all. These women are in such extreme poverty that they are forced to participate in this degrading industry and many of them will die from contracting HIV/AIDS while in it. This breaks my heart! SO, what are we going to do? Brittany has made a video you should watch and has begun a project to raise $1600 to set 4 women free! When that money is raised, she will die her hair PINK! I am reposting the blog below, but definitely go check out her blog and grab her Pink Project button while you're there. You can donate on her blog also.

Pink hair is FUN.
Pink hair is a little SCANDALOUS.
Pink hair now has a PURPOSE!

Pink hair now means FOUR women's lives have been changed! These women in Ethiopia have a right to life. A life outside of HIV/AIDS and the sex industry. They deserve to feel worthy, loved, and to love themselves. WE can be apart of that!

"Women and children are often the most exposed and abused victims of injustice, especially in the war-torn areas of Africa. In Nazaret, Ethiopia, Mocha Club helps rehabilitate women in Ethiopia who were forced into a life of prostitution as an attempt to escape their situation of poverty. The “Women At Risk” program provides spiritual, emotional, and psychological counseling and helps them find alternate means of income to support themselves and their children." The Mocha Club

Just a quick recap:

*I've kinda, secretly wanted to die my hair pink
*But now I'm making it count!
*The Mocha Club is an AMAZING organization!
*They help women in Ethiopia out of the sex industry
*It's a holistic approach (counseling, rehabilitation, job training, daycare, healthcare, etc.)
*$400 saves ONE woman
*I'm setting a goal to save FOUR!
*That's $1600
    ....which can easily be accomplished by:

1 donation of $1600
4 donations of $400
16 donations of $100
160 donations of $10

Let's make this happen! 
Give hope to women who need it so!

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