Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, December 17, 2012

9 Months

Happy 9 Months!

Hey Friends!We celebrated her 9 month birthday (or one day late) by getting a blood test for her kidneys. She hated it, but maybe her 9 month birthday present to me will be some answers!

Fun facts for month nine:
Weight and Height: I just want to be honest with you, she is not growing well so I just don't want to even type it out.
Eating: Every three to four hours during the day nursing and 3 meals a day with solids
Sleeping: Mainly 2 naps, and sometimes one rest where she won't sleep, but she needs to unplug for a little bit
Diaper: Size 2
Clothing: A little bit 3-6 month and 6 month
What's new for month nine:
  • She loves to STAND! She is pulling up like crazy and is trying to take some steps.
  • She is super brave and adventurous. Limits? No way!
  • She is so talkative although "mama" is still her favorite word
  • Outside is her favorite!
  • She loves to eat so much. She got to try beef for the first time and she went crazy. She always chooses beef over everything else if they are both on her plate. She really likes Havarti cheese too - who knew? She must be thankful for that Harry and David basket someone gave us.
  • She has two teeth! And another one on the way. 
  • She wants to feed herself and is really good at it! She can use her pinchers if she wants to.
  • She loves to bang toys together. 
  • She loves to really examine everything.
  • She is trying so hard to crawl, but can definitely pivot in a 360. She hates tummy time so she will pivot around to wherever I am and try to get me to pick her up. 
  • She loves music and singing. I have made up songs including every family member and we sing them while looking at their picture.
  • She loves to watch me eat....she laughs the whole time.
  • She loves reading, reading, reading. 
  • Favorite foods: Sweet Potatoes, Beef, Pears, Cheese, Applesauce, Yogurt

We both have hats!


First experience with the tree

She wants to cut down her own Christmas tree that's her sized

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  1. Love the picture with her in the lights! May have to copy for a picture of Parker :)