Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Anniversary Day

Today is Cal and my 3 year anniversary!

Can I just tell you that it has been a long road. I have loved every moment and really love that we have such a great story to tell when people ask. I would like to take you through a quick journey of who Cal and I are as a couple. Enjoy!

This is the first ever picture of Cal and I posted to Facebook. We weren't dating yet, but my parents (especially my dad) were completely convinced that we needed to date. I just thought he was a flirt, ha! He tried to drive me home, he tried to see a movie with me, and eventually he tried to ask me to ring dance. The guy does not take no for an answer! Well, I eventually figured out that he liked me for real (he spent a good bit of money on my piano lessons at a service auction after a bid war and one of his friends sort of convinced me).  So we went to the park to swing (I love to swing!) and then to Sonic for ice cream (they used to have non-dairy ice cream and I am lactose intolerant - thoughtful? yes!).

Funny story: We were not officially dating yet when both of our parents came into town for Parents' Weekend. So we had meet the parents before we were even dating. I was so awkward. Seriously. For our first date (which was before this), he took me to Cafe Capri and star gazing. Awesome. Then we made brownies and watched Sleepless in Seattle - his pick. Boom. I finally agreed to date him April 18, 2008 - I know that it's completely sappy that I remember the date. It was at midnight-ish so neither one of us can actually remember if April 18 was the day before or after midnight haha.

This was the last time we saw each other before we spent the summer apart. Cal went to South East Asia and I went to Weatherford and Moldova. We could email once a week and he called me once for like five minutes in July. It was an amazing 5 minutes. It was a super hard summer, but when he got back I had never had a better hug. We spent a semester in school together and then another semester apart (where Cal drove in literally every other weekend) until he proposed March 28, 2009.

Halloween/Ring Dunk!

Our first wedding together

Cal taught me to change a bike tire

It was a wedding season

Fall is awesome!
After looking for apartments (for when we were married)
Dinner after getting ENGAGED!


Then I started seminary and wedding planning. Whew! Busy season. But we got married and started our life in Mississippi. We lived there for a year and a half before moving to Houston where we have been for the last year and a half.

Engagement Photos


Halloween in MS! We were Juno and Bleeker

We made some great friends! (Not all pictured here)

Move to Houston!

After living in Houston a bit, we find out we were pregnant and were blessed with the most precious baby girl! It has been a crazy road but I wouldn't trade a moment!

Maternity Photos

Houston Baby Shower!

Our angel

Happy Anniversary, Caleb! Here's to many more laugh-filled, joy-filled, God-filled years!


  1. Loved seeing all these pictures! Claire, you are so beautiful! Seriously! Cal looks exactly the same in that first picture as he does now. And that last one of RB is so cute ! :)