Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I am a Messy Mommy

I am a Mess Mommy!

I am linking up today to agree with other moms that I am not perfect. Not only that, but I need to not compare myself to other moms no matter how perfect they may look. No one is perfect!

This seemingly perfect picture is brought to you by Jesus, "luck", and a funny photographer. I am so glad they made that function of a camera where you can take a million pictures at one time so that you are more likely to get a good shot. God made that camera function I am completely convinced.

Today for the first time in months my kitchen is clean mostly clean. But I'm not going to lie to you that the only reason it is cleanish is because we are having people over tonight. It has taken me days to get it this clean and that was even with the help of a friend who did some dishes for me while I was celebrating my anniversary.

Can I just tell you that there is no saying more true than "comparison is the thief of joy". It so is. I go over to these mom's houses that are spotless all the time and they have multiple kids! Multiple. I am just one woman, with one child, an increasingly messy house, and I often feel like I am falling down on the wife job. I can't get my baking done, take care of my child, clean the house, do my homework, and love my husband all in the same day and all perfectly. That's what it feels like. My husband is a hero. He cooks a lot. 

Recently, God has just been impressing on my heart that He made me. He has given me this little girl and this amount to do. He knows that with His help that I can handle it. Now that doesn't mean that my kitchen will be clean or dinner will always be on time or that my kid won't walk around in a dirty onesie sometimes, but it does mean that I am still a good mommy. I love my daughter and I would do anything to keep her healthy and taken care of. It is hard to be a mommy, but I am doing everything I can to be a good mommy. She knows I love her, she knows that I bend over backward for her daily, and she will continue to know that. She may not always have the best/coolest clothes, but she will always be deeply loved. I think that (and what I do for her because of that love) is enough. I'm so blessed that RB doesn't care (and the husb doesn't care) about a perfect house.

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  1. Beautiful post. So encouraging! You are exactly right. Comparison IS the thief of our joy. Maybe you can't bake, but there are other things you do PERFECTLY just for your family!!! Always remember that God made YOU to be her Mama and his wife. That's the best job you'll ever have and you are made just for it!

  2. I just posted that exact quote over on Brittany's blog. :) What a sweet little lady you have!