Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Musings

Monday Musings

It looks like rain outside which for me only means one thing...

My daughter just does not want to be normal, she wants to be unique. Yaaay! I am definitely not normal so that makes my heart a little happy. She has gone from 2 solid naps, to 3 naps a day haha.

I have begun writing a series of children's songs on accident just hanging out with RB during the day. Some of them are  raps. Here is an example:

(to the tune of Big Pimpin')

Big Poopin', now you're at ease
Big Poopin', do what you please!
Big Poopin', out of your booty
Big Poopin', no wonder you're moody!

RB is very adventurous. She was standing up holding my thumbs (rather unsteadily) and tried to reach out for a toy... I guess she doesn't realize that balance issues are key to the success of that endeavor.

My begonias are still blooming! Every time I think of my begonias I think of that youtube video The Dad Life... "begonias, crepe myrtles... ornamental turtles!....ah no, roundup to the rescue"

Sometimes the best medicine for your little one is you. Cuddle time can go a long way.

That moment where you are so thankful to realize the stuff on your shirt is dried icing rather than crusty spit up.

Is it weird that I am so excited to go to the Dentist today? Although I'm a little scared because despite all of the flossing and brushing (multiple times a day) that I do, I tend to have horrible teeth. Argh. Whereas the husb could go for days without brushing his teeth with no consequences.

As Christmas music begins to seep onto the radio, so begins my rant on a few of these songs. For example: Mary did you know... why yes, yes I did know because there was this angel that came and told me. I may not have known the exact details, but the gist was clear. That's why I followed and worshiped Him.
My grown up Christmas list... okay I don't know why but I just really don't like that song. Even when Kelly Clarkson sings it and I like her a lot.

I am loving that new song by Fun because it sounds a lot like Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel. Don't hate, I listened to them on cassette in the car with my mom as a kid. I like music from every era, so there!

I have gotten some tips at food photography and have been trying to photograph some of my creations this weekend. I think they came out a lot better than I expected! My friend who gave me the tips also edited the pictures for me and they came out really well. She is awesome. I wish she lived closer to me, but an hour is not that bad I suppose. I will include some of my work for you here (p.s. feel free to spread around the I have a baking business because I could use the word of mouth):

Which one is your favorite? I taste tested all of them, so I promise they taste even better than they look. The Brown Sugar Cinnamon cupcakes were delicious, but the S'mores Treats (think Rice Krispie treats but better) and the Chocolate Log really stole the show. I only had one bit of each left after the party we took them to. I am thinking I may need to get some white dishes just for food photography or at least some more dishes that I can use for this because I don't have very many as it turns out!


  1. I have the same exact thing with the dentist. I brush twice a day and have so much plaque that they have to scrape every time and it hurts so much! She told me some people just build up calcium deposits like that. And my hub doesn't brush much at all and is just fine at the dentist! Crazy!
    I saw your food pics on facebook and thought they looked really nice!

  2. LOVE the 4th picture down! A lot! :)