Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Musings

So for those of you who read the blog without me posting on Facebook, here is a present. A blog post just for you.

First, before I tell you any of the randomness that visits my brain each week, you need to see this video. It's about a family full of adopted children, some with special needs, and it is beautiful. If you do not cry or at least feel moved, I would do some serious Bible reading (James 1:27 for example). God absolutely has a plan for each child in the world. No single child is an accident ever. God loves these children and wants them to find their forever family. Maybe God wants you to be their forever family. If just the believers in the world all adopted 1 child, it would eliminate domestic adoption completely. There would be no more need!

This last weekend was Anniversary Fun Day for Cal and I's third anniversary which is crazy. We have been together for four and a half years and married for three (as of Wednesday any way). We took RB to the Natural Science Museum and saw some of the coolest stuff in the Paleontology Hall. I love dinosaurs, no joke. Dinosaurs are Biblical too. Not kidding. So we had a ton of fun and then we had dinner at Kata Robata - Asian tapas anyone? So good. Since I'm not doing dessert right now though, we are going to do dessert only after the 22nd (end of fast).

P.s. Why do boys' slacks never lose their crease in the wash but girls' do?

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