Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Sunday, January 13, 2013


So there are some things that are just better on paper or in hindsight, but are really awful in the moment.

Here is a picture of my running shoes. Now the soles and laces look super pink in this picture, but trust me that it does not do them justice. They are actually an electric corral. Not quite pink or orange, but very bright. Anyway. The husb got me these super cute shoes when I decided I would.... train for a half-marathon. We decided the only way to guarantee that I would really do it was to go ahead, take the plunge, and sign up for a specific half-marathon. So on February 24th come rain or snow, I will be in Ft. Worth running the Cowtown. I am only completely scared to death. We also have a deal that, upon my completion of the half, I get a quarter-zip running top (this assumes that I ran the entirety of the race). This excites me.

So, if you know me you may know that I have trained for a half-marathon before. Why did I stop, you ask? I blame Cal. He started running with me and can we just say that we are less than ideal running partners. His six foot tall self against my five foot one inch is too much of a contrast. I have to take two steps for his one, so for him to get a decent workout I basically have to spring. It's awful. Slowly but surely, I got burned out. We have decided that we will not be doing any training together that is further than 2 miles for the future just to protect my self-esteem and my determination.

I often times get done with a run and want to go to Facebook to tell the world how many miles I was able to survive. On the one hand, I don't want to boast so I don't post it. On the other hand, I don't think it accurately portrays what it's like. So, I wanted to give you an idea of what running is like for me.

Yesterday I had the distinct horror privilege of running 7 miles. I love running when it is cold, no joke. But yesterday it was incredibly humid and in the mid-70s. Gross! Then when I got half-way through, it started raining. Hot, nasty rain. The route I took was 3.5 miles one way and then come back. On the way there, I prayed some, thought about the beauty of the neighborhood, sorted out some thoughts, and more. On the way back, included lots of "you can do this, you can do this", and then "you CANNOT stop now, you CANNOT fail", and then "when will this be over" interspersed with lots of prayer.

So running is hard, running is tough, but I will not be defeated because God is faithful. It's all God, y'all. Seriously.


  1. You and Cal running are like Bobby and I running except he is the slower runner. I am considering joining the Doha running club and getting my groove back on.

    Claire,you will do great and I will be cheering for you from afar!

  2. I'm doing a half too in the spring... but I haven't even started training so I am super impressed with you. It is TOOO cold to run here so I'm just trying to stay in good shape. Wish we could run together and I LOVE the shoes!
    Just remember, even if you have to walk a little here or there, it's still a huge accomplishment