Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Musings

I hate the Reliant commercial that's on right now. Not for any good reason, but because it has doughnuts in the commercial. I am trying to be healthy and that's just such a terrible commercial for me to watch. I love doughnuts.

RB is a non-stop walker. She needs assistance, but she basically does not want to do anything but walk these days. She has also discovered how much she hates the word "no". 

I am memorizing in James right now and it is difficult when your hands are occupied to find time. Then when do you find time to sit, you don't want to work - you know? Discipline.

This week finished out 8 miles in the running circuit. Goodness gracious it was hard. Not on my strength for sure.

There is a wasp in my house somewhere, but I left to get something and came back and it was gone. Cal and I have searched to no avail. How will I sleep??

Well this is usually longer, but the babe is pulling on my leg. Enjoy!

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