Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Musings

School has officially started. I am in my final semester of Greek (which is no longer required for my degree, but I love it so I am going to take it and stay in my current catalog) and taking The Bible and Moral Issues. Interesting. I've already done over half of the reading that I need to thanks to nap time.

RB signed "more" today for the first time!! She is just growing up and up. She loves to help get herself dressed. Well, maybe "loves" is a stretch, but she is very capable at it. I keep forgetting to put that in her monthly updates because it happened between months a while back.

I think that my baby gets a case of the Mondays. The last few weeks, on Monday, she has done really well before her lunch time-ish nap and then fusses a loooot the rest of the day. I don't know what she hates about Mondays so much. Maybe she is upset because she is used to seeing her daddy all weekend and then he's gone? She did walk up to the door today and say, "dadadada" while touching the door.

I'm starting to worry that Bates is guilty.

You know, God is so good. I was not sure, a few semesters back, how I was going to pay for textbooks. I literally emptied my school account to pay the tuition and we did not have room in our regular budget for them. Then, God provided. Someone offered to pay for my textbooks for the upcoming semesters. I was so overwhelmed in a good way. Then, this semester I was short on my tuition and was going to take it out of our budget, then I got some random babysitting job. I did not ask for it to begin with, and I did not ask for a certain amount, it was just to help a friend and they wanted to pay me a little. Over the course of the several days I babysat, it totaled to the exact amount I needed to pay for the rest of the semester. Now, I don't want to give the impression that we have money problems, we are fine. We have savings and monthly income, we are just trying to pay off our debt quickly so I have been trying to only use extra money (money I have made from odd jobs, babysitting, cakes, etc) for school related expenses. God has just been so good to provide exactly what I need each semester. He is good. All the time.


  1. Yes! Also, random side note: Today I found out that a 5th semester Greek course is being offered next fall. Total geek moment. I just love Greek a whole lot. But I am also thinking about taking Hebrew next fall as well! I just really love language apparently. :)

  2. I am starting to worry that about Bates too.