Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Friday, January 11, 2013

Mr. Darcy

So, recently a friend of mine was talking about how she was looking for her Mr. Darcy and I jokingly commented how I already married him. While that was mostly a joke, I have commented to the husb on several occasions that we are Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. So here is my somewhat facetious account of Why/How we are related to this novel.

First, I want you to think about Elizabeth Bennet. She is intelligent, lively, attractive, witty, and judgmental. She is best-friends with her sister, and another quirky girl. She is in no rush to be married and is not concerned with wealth. I would love to say that this describes me. While I am not quite as witty/intelligent/awesome as her, I can definitely relate with being occasionally judgmental, enjoying sarcasm, and having a sharp tongue (not always proud of that though). I am super tight with my sister and all the girls I am close to are quirky. I got married, but was in no major rush and the husb will tell you that I have no direct desire to be rich (we joke occasionally about "when we're rich and famous" we'll do something ridiculous). I almost missed out on Cal because of some of these bad qualities of mine just as she did with Darcy. Thankful that the Lord had better plans.

Mr. Darcy. Wow the man of most girls' dreams. He is handsome, tall, intelligent, slightly aloof, not great with people, and can be a little prideful. Yet once you get to know him better, he has a sweet side. He would move heaven and earth for the woman he loved. Wow, I just feel like this is Cal in all the right ways. The husband is definitely handsome, tall, intelligent, and let's face it... slightly aloof. He is not a big people person or a large group person. He really thrives in small groups with people he knows really well. While you may get the wrong impression of him up front, he is an amazingly sweet man.

So here is where we start. At least we have the foundation for the unlikely couple. My family is not as crazy in some ways as the Bennet family, but who doesn't have quirks to their family? No one. So I think it is safe to say that my family has quirks too. I am a daddy's girl just like Lizzy (did I mention that my middle name was Elizabeth??) and would have followed his dating advice over a cliff. My sister is a total Jane in some ways - Jane is super kind and proper, but (as we see at the end) has a streak of honesty that is admirable. In some ways Bingley and my sister's husband sort of remind me of each other which is a complement because he is truly one of my favorite characters. I think he's neat (inside joke).

So, much like Bennet and Darcy, Cal and I had an odd first encounter. It was not love at first side, it was not even like at first sight. In fact, he drove me crazy. He threw my shoe across the room. I did not think he was interested in me at all and we had a sort of teasing/sarcastic relationship. I had some friends/roommates that were not convinced for a while.

Remember that moment in the movie where Darcy runs through the rain to find Elizabeth in the rain and tells her that he loves her. He proposes right there, in the rain. Oh my goodness it makes my heart melt. Well this reminds me of a time with Cal. He did not up and propose to me because that would have been intense for our current era, but it was the appropriate version. He had a moment of bravery and he called me up (at the time I had been told that he was a player/flirt so I was slightly hostile) to ask me to ring dance. Have you read the book or seen the movie? Do you know what Lizzy said to Darcy? you know roughly what I said to Cal. It was not the nicest thing I have ever said and it ended in rejection. Don't get me wrong, I thought he was really cute, but I was not about to be tripped up by someone who was going to flirt with me and then drop me to the curb. I was scared and was trying to vindicate all of those women he supposedly led on.

So Darcy begins a journey to show Elizabeth that he is indeed a good man. He rights many wrongs in her life all for her and she begins to see her error. This is exactly what happened with Cal and I. He met my parents, showed up at my concerts, asked me to dinner, tried to drive me around places, and more. My dad even began to attempt to get me to give him a chance haha. And the story goes how the story goes. Elizabeth and Darcy get together, realizing that their pride and prejudice got in the way. They also see how alike and different they are in the good and bad. The husb and I have had a similar  experience although we dated before we got married. So here we are now with our little girl, celebrating 3 years of marriage (and a month). I'm convinced that were Austen to write a sequel to Pride and Prejudice, God forbid, they would have some beautiful children as well.

So, I am sorry women of the world. You will have to find your own Darcy or maybe since I have taken this one, you'll have to find an Edward Ferrars or someone like that (look it up if you don't get it).

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  1. Ok ok I am SO NOT JANE!! Seriously that part is a stretch! We can fight it out next time with who is the real Lizzie... b/c Lizzie def. sounds a lot more like LINDSEY to me! haha And Drew is NOT goof ball... though I do like that character too. So... I agree with all other points but those. AND I think you're neat