Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I am in love with the show Parenthood. I admit it. I know that it's not perfect and that it is not always the best show ever, but I love it. I love that all the families are different and complicated. I love that no matter what, they are still a family. I love that they just completed their first adoption in the Graham part of the family and it was beautiful and it was hard. It was completed faster than a normal adoption would seem or feel, but it was beautiful. They went through a period when they weren't sure if they loved each other, it's hard. But in the end they persevered. There have been get togethers, break-ups, Aspergers, fertility issues and pregnancies. There was even a period of breast cancer which was hard.

I say all of this to tell you that sometimes I guiltily wish that my family was more like parenthood. I wish that we could all live conveniently in the same town (although sometimes I wonder where Joel's family lives), have this beautiful messy and loving life. I wish that at the end of the week everyone would apologize or something magical would happen to bring us together. I wish that we could make decisions in a couple of weeks time and complete an adoption in one semester.

I sometimes have to stop and think to myself about whether this is reality or not. Whether this is even worth wishing for because I wonder if it's possible. I wonder if a large family can truly all love each other unconditionally. If they can all truly admit their wrongs, and ask forgiveness to make the plot line continue in unity. I'm not sure. My family is spread all over the US and soon to be all over the globe in some ways. I can't drive over to my best-friend's house even though she is my sister. We can't just share our woes over coffee. Soon, I will have to save up for a long time just to visit. None of my family lives under an hour from us, quite the contrary. Our closest family ranges from 4 hours away to 9 hours away to over 13 hours away and come September a plane ride (since we can't drive across the ocean).

So hear I am, jealous of a TV family who isn't real. I'm not jealous of some of their problems or some of their bad choices that I have never faced. But sometimes I just wish we could live a little closer.

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