Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Some days...

Some days, this is just how you feel as a mom (or insert appropriate noun for your situation). You realize at end of day that you have not eaten well, you have not done your run (praise the Lord for being ahead of schedule and having some free time tomorrow to stay on track), and you have not changed out of the shirt you slept in (despite having left the house twice).

Some days, baby girl just gets a case of the "no sleeps". No matter how tired, dry, and full she is, she does not want to sleep. She cries and cries and you think to yourself, "I thought we were done sleep training!" You finally get her down for a nap, you sit down to watch a movie with your husband because you are so beat you cannot possibly be productive, and just as the movie starts, she starts to cry again. Are we in some kind of movie that is comedic to the rest of the world, but awful to us in the moment? Am I being mom punk'd? Nope. It's 10pm, she is finally quiet for the night, and I still have work left to do on my Sunday school lesson (praise the Lord again that I started this one last week - He knew).

Yesterday was such a good day, with good naps, and good eating. Then today... it's like she has this sense of justice or vindication or something where she believes that if she is good one day then it allows her to bad another day. I don't know.

On the other hand I got the best video of her laughing today then I have ever had. She was just all over the map today. Well, scratch that. She was either hysterically laughing, falling asleep on me, or screaming. Yep.

Some days it's good to begin and end the day wrapped up in a blanket.

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