Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Musings

So it's been a while... but you'll have to forgive me because my weeks have just been crazy and sometimes you just need to spend time with your baby or your husband or you friends instead of your computer. I have been trying to be a little more unplugged lately, less available by phone or computer while RB is awake.

Last Sunday morning I ran my first half marathon - The Cowtown Half Marathon. I trained for months and it was insane! At times it was so much fun and at times it was so very hard. I loved all the signs that people posted and held up along the way. I am so thankful that my toenails didn't fall off, although my big toes hurt which is weird. I loved all the music/bands too. It was so motivating! I would say that the first 8 miles are fun, up to 10 miles was good, mile 11 was hard, and the last 2 miles were... rough. I sprinted the final .1 mile at the end. I was so excited that I managed to run the entire time, that was the goal! After it was over I ate a bagel and went kaput on the floor of the convention center haha. The husb gingerly helped me up (after a woman checked to make sure I hadn't passed out or was sick - there were no chairs or any places to sit down though, so I just used the floor to lay down!), fed me some chocolate ice cream, and took me home.

I am now in recovery. I walked 3 miles today and have done a lot of stretching. Let's hope that I continue to recover well.

The tiny evil dog.. turns out there are two of them and they are together now. They both chased me today but got distracted running after some children. Because it's evil. They're evil.

Baby girl can make this adorable clicking sound with her mouth now. She is back to hating bath time, ugh.

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