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Brave Adventure

Friday, February 8, 2013

Movies Everyone Should See

Movies Everyone Should See

I am linking up with a good friend about movies everyone should see. She chose three movies (White Christmas, Father of the Bride, and That Thing You Do). So, if she got to choose 3 movies, I think I should get to choose more than one as well! So without further ado....

Best Chick-Flick Movie:

An Affair to Remember - This is by far the most amazing chick flick of all time. Not only is it wildly romantic, create the perfect amount of tension, and is unpredictable, but it's referenced in so many other chick flicks that it is sort of a founding father. If you haven't seen it, you ought.

Best Action Movie:

Now here I felt really conflicted. My husband is a lucky man because I love a good action movie. I really debated between Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Dark Knight, Casino Royale, Die Hard, any superhero movie, Harry Potter 7 and Goldfinger (Sean Connery as Bond is.. yes). I ultimately chose what I did because it's awesome and it's a classic. Classic! Professor meets adventurer also sounds just like who I want to be.

Best Powerful Movie:

I actually just recently saw this movie and it was just incredible. Tim and Morgan Freeman just do an amazing job together. It has some tough scenes, but it is worth it to watch the whole thing. So good. So so good.

Best Movie based on a book:

Did you have any doubt I would pick this? I want to let you know that I am specifying Harry Potter 7, Part 1. Part 2 was somewhat disappointing in the way they left out and changed a lot for someone as HP hardcore as me, but part 1 was incredible. I have loved this entire series and have seen each movie multiple times. The husb and I have even done a marathon once or twice.

Best Sci-Fi Movie:

Yes. It is. Every other sci-fi movie falls short.

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  1. As someone who loves old movies, I cannot believe that I have NEVER seen An Affair to Remember. Let's change that. Spring Break, baby. :)