Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Thursday, March 21, 2013

First Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday! 

Fun facts for month twelve:
Weight: 17lbs 5oz
Height: 26 3/4in (looks like I can't measure?)
Eating: Nurses once a day (working on weaning), she loves to eat solids and drink from her sippy cup
Sleeping: 2 Naps during the day
Diaper: Size 3 diapers
Clothing: She wears such a wide range of clothes right now! As low as 6 months and as high as 12-18 months (jeans, they are rolled at the bottom, but fit at the waist)
What's new for month twelve:

  • She can say "ball"
  • She still loves to read, especially the peekaboo book
  • Black beans! I bought some kiwi for her to try this week. Get excited!
  • She got a monster truck for her birthday that she loves, haha
  • If you ask her for a kiss, she will either give you an Eskimo kiss or touch foreheads. 
  • She has decided she likes her push toy again
  • She loves goldfish, but just sucks on them until they disintegrate 
  • Get read for some cake pictures below, she loved that chocolate cake - her parents' daughter
  • She eats, eats, and eats.
  • She loves to turn the stereo off and on over and over again
  • She loves to throw things off the table
  • She thinks puzzle pieces are so funny
  • She can walk with only one hand held, but it isn't her favorite
  • We have gotten a referral to a nephrologist so we are praying for answers there, but they have told us they can't see us until August. Feeling a little bit disappointed about that.
  • She is a climber. She likes to use me as her personal jungle gym, but really anything will suffice. 
  • She loves any food that comes off my plate (or her Daddy's plate), but is becoming a more opinionated eater. 
  • She is developing more of a personality which I just love
  • Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! (Her actual birthday and party were on March 16th - last Saturday, sorry this is late)
Birthday party pictures!!

Excited about my party tomorrow!

First Birthday Present!

Party Favors!

Love my family - wishing we could add the Lewis family, and Uncle Tony, Aunt Joye Lynn, and the Cousins to this photo!

Four Generations

This phase just cracks me up!

Her favorite head piece haha
 We got so many presents and felt just incredibly blessed by everyone. There were just too many pictures to post! These are just some of the best ones!

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