Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Musings

Monday Musings!

This is the haircut air dry, I haven't styled it yet - sorry!

Today was such a good day! I spent a lot of last week stressed and the end of last week in awe of God which was great. I was worried that I would not be able to get my Greek homework done, my Greek paper, and all the Spark material done in time for their respective deadlines, but God continued to multiply my time such that I got it all done. I am majorly exhausted now, but so happy that God is at work. So today, though I should have started this week's homework, I took the day to rest. I think RB could feel that too and spent most of the day in a good mood, resting (napping) multiple times today. 

We are getting so excited to head and see my best-friend and sister! I literally cannot wait and am already in list mode for the flight. Any tips on how to keep a little one occupied in an airplane? Calling all moms! I have heard of people who brings treats for those around them as a prequel "I'm sorry" haha. Worth it? 

I am fully recovered from the Half Marathon and have started running again! Hoping to run another one in the fall. 

I got my haircut! Over 12 inches are on their way to Locks of Love. Please don't hear me saying, "look at me I am awesome" here. I feel blessed that there is something helpful I can do that is so simple. I am not awesome at hair growth, God did that. So at least I can use it. It feels so awesome to have it all gone! It feels amazing. 

Only a couple weeks until RB's birthday! Whooooop!

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  1. You'll be fine on the flight! We've flown 4 times with long as you are prepared it'll be great. I packed a carry on of things just for him - favorite toys, snacks, books and the iPad. Also you can bring breast milk in bottles through TSA - they will just ask you to unscrew the lids for them to hold a stick over it to make sure there's nothing explodable (spelling??) in there. Also, if you wear RB through security in a wrap or Ergo they cannot make you take her out. They will just swab your hands for explosives. We didn't bring anything for neighbor passengers, we figured Parker's smiles were good enough :) Good luck!