Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

13 Months

Fun facts for month thirteen:
Weight: 18lbs. 4oz.
Height: 27 3/4in
Eating: 3 meals a day and 1-2 snacks
Sleeping: 2 Naps during the day
Diaper: Size 3 diapers
Clothing:6-9 months, and 6-12 month clothes
What's new for month thirteen:

  • She can say "bull" (ball), "chiz" (cheese), and "bay" (bear)
  • She is getting really into bath time.
  • She will walk along the wall now too in order to get to her destination
  • She walks with only 1 hand held (for a while now)
  • She has doubled her weight percentage! 
  • She is obsessed with reading! She even tries to read through a book herself.
  • She is getting more picky with what she eats. 
  • She loves to sit outside until Cal gets home and then run to him when he gets out of the car
  • If you ask her for a kiss, she will rub her forehead on your face haha 
  • She likes to give high fives
  • She loves going out on walks and sitting outside on a blanket. 
  • She can click her tongue, making super cute noises

Walking along the wall

Eating a whole piece of bread, haha


  1. Ah I miss this adorable girl!! AND YOU!! :)