Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 1

This is how I feel right now. I am hungry and feel like I have no foods I want to eat.

Breakfast was actually really nice. The good news is that I love eggs and toast, so we are generally set on that front. I had 3 eggs over easy and then mopped up the left over yolk with toast. Yummmm. I am thinking that, for tomorrow, I will have a scrambled egg sandwich. I am actually completely thrilled for something to kick me in the butt and make me actually cook for breakfast rather than just pour some cold cereal in a bowl. If I can find some infant benedryl, I may even let RB try some scrambled eggs. (I'm paranoid she'll have a reaction and I will need some benedryl for her)

Lunch was alright. I had an avocado and spinach salad with salt (delicious) as well as chicken which was way overcooked and disgusting. Yay chicken. What a great way to start the day. Still hungry. Ate an apple. Still hungry. Ate another half of avocado. Still hungry. Ate half an avocado smashed on toast. Thank God for salt. Finally full. I have officially eaten 1/3rd of the avocados I bought today.

Dinner was less than tasty (read dinner fail). I tried to make a sweet potato, apple, and chicken hash that I adapted from a Food Network recipe. Sounded delicious, lies. The apple and chicken was good, the sweet potato was weird. Why don't I like savory sweet potatoes? Why did I not put brown sugar or cinnamon on my list. I would gladly sacrifice an ingredient for brown sugar right now. Is it too late to add cheese? Or to change to a regular potato rather than a sweet potato? Seriously contemplating it. Can someone give me a recipe because I am dying. How will I eat this for a month?

My stomach is growling right now. What to do?


  1. Keep going!! Food is for fuel (especially this month!) Ask God for grace when you're TIRED of the same thing. Excited for you!!!

  2. You're doing it with other people right? I texted my girls like 10 times that first week.