Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesdays are Heaven

Tuesdays are Heaven!

Now I am going to let you know why Tuesdays are heaven. Above is my first snack for the day which is super impressive because it means that my meals have been filling. Step 1 to having a great day. (Scrambled Egg Sandwich for breakfast and Chicken, Avocado, and Spinach Sandwich) Then... I got to bake. I was actually dreading baking my pseudo-famous sour cream chocolate bundt cake for home group tonight. I thought, how will I not lick my fingers or the beaters or the bowl for that matter? How will I survive the smell of the cake for hours? But it turns out that it's awesome. I was already really full from lunch, so not licking the beaters wasn't too bad. I have also given up sweets/sugar for more than a month before so really it wasn't bad. Praise the Lord. This was step 2 to a great day. It turns out that baking and smelling chocolate throughout myself just made me feel like it was a normal day. It wasn't a "7" day or "Day 2", it was just a day. I took a Greek exam (it went pretty well!), I worked on homework, I praised God for long nap time, and I baked a cake. I'm feeling pretty good. 

But this is not why Tuesday is heaven. 

Tuesday nights are home group and we have decided that for Home Group, we are not going to ask anyone to make me special food. It also takes too much to make my own meal to bring on top of whatever I bring to home group. So on Tuesday nights, at home group, I get a reprieve from 7. I get to eat what everyone else is eating. Now, I am not going to eat dessert because that just seems like cheating, but I will get to eat the main meal with everyone else. Yay! So for this month especially, Tuesdays are heaven. 

Tuesdays are Heaven! Happy Tuesday everyone!

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