Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day Funday!

We had a very interesting day for sure. Baby girl got up early, but then ate breakfast and went immediately back to sleep. Happy Memorial Day to Mommy and Daddy! So we followed her example and went back to bed. She actually took 3 naps on Memorial Day - we just wore her out playing all day! The husb and I bought a kitty pool the Saturday before so we went to work blowing it up and filling it with water for some swim time after lunch. But....

Sunday my super awesome husband was playing Ultimate Frisbee (which he is amazing at, he runs like a swan I've been told) and decided to lay out for a rogue disc. While the scrapes will heal in plenty of time, he tore a ligament in his shoulder. So he spent a large portion of the day at the doc in the box getting x-ray'd.

RB also decided that at first look, the pool was from a dark and terrible place. I think the water was too cold. So she took a second nap of the day, then we tried again and found the pool a much more welcoming place! So great! Despite the fact that, at some point, I stepped in fire ants and my feet are now covered with Benedryl cream, it was worth it. I only wish I knew where the ants came from so I could get rid of them. 

The husb did get to come home, we grilled together, this pregnant woman spent some quality time in the bathroom (ugh!), and then we watched Harry Potter 6 (watched 5 the day before) after the babe went to bed. Enjoy some pictures!!

Toys make the pool much better!

This might have been a great idea

Sun comes out - hat switch!

Loving that face

Post pool snack - Grapes are back!


  1. So cute! Looks like she had fun!

  2. She looks adorable! Sorry to hear about the unfortunate injuries, hopefully you find those ants before she finds them first. That would be no fun. Glad y'all enjoyed your three day weekend and I hope you're feeling better soon. So excited for y'all!