Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Facebook Stinks

So, there are many reasons why I will not quit using Facebook. There are many things I like about Facebook and I enjoy wasting my time there. But aren't there just so many reasons that it sucks?

First, I am a political person. I enjoy politics and getting involved in politics. I want to state my political opinion for the record. BUT, I do not want to start that on Facebook. Too many people with too many opinions that are often under-informed and/or over opinionated and none of them have tact. Seriously. A little polite disagreement could go a long way. So, I choose not to post my opinions on Facebook. And can I just say that it kills me? When I see someone post their political (or let's be honest religious) thoughts on Facebook and I agree or disagree, I want to engage them. I don't want to say something rude, I just want to share my opinion. Or maybe the article they posted seems to have overlooked something or there is just a different point of view. Or maybe I don't agree, but I think the article was really thought provoking. Or maybe I agree, but I think other people would judge the title of the article without actually reading it. Just so many reasons to keep your thoughts to yourself.

Second, mom guilt. Do I really have to explain much more? There are just so many options for how you decide to raise your child. Today I read an article about attachment parenting that I don't agree with. I know people that have done it with success and without success. But I also don't feel like it's my job to tell them I don't agree, you know? Parenting is so hard. It's ridiculously hard! And you spend half the time second guessing your choices anyway. You just don't need one more person telling you that you are doing it wrong. Now, if you're friend is at their wits end or is asking you for help or whatever, that's different. I'm talking about posting stuff all over Facebook regardless of the feelings of others. I don't think most moms (it's moms, be real) are trying to hurt anyone's feelings, they really are trying to share the knowledge they have learned with others! But, it can be so easily hurtful. This article I read made it sound like if you ever let your child cry for even a moment, you are neglecting your baby. You are a neglectful parent. AH! I won't give you all the reasons that I firmly believe in the method I chose and how experience has shown me that RB does not respond well to the attachment style. But I don't think any mom or dad just chooses willy nilly to do what they do. They try and if they fail, they try something else. Isn't parenting hard enough, right? I want to post what I think is the perfect way, the right way, and what's working for me, but isn't it hard enough without all that?

Lastly, young people. You may be thinking, "You are only 26, Claire. You are young." That's true, but there is something about having kids that puts you in a different category. So I know that the rest of the kidless world is completely overwhelmed and disgusted by how much us moms want to post about our children. Whether it's how great or how awful they are, we want to post about them all the time. So I try to limit my posting about the babe, but honestly she's approximately 80% of my life. I have school, but I don't interact with anyone there since it's by email. I have the husband, but he's gone during the day and I try not to bother him too much at work (especially right now because he has so much on his plate). So I spend most of my day following a 15 month old around the house. So when Facebook's status bar beckons me, asking "what are you thinking"....I'm thinking about following my 15 month old around the house. I'm thinking of all the stuff she's doing today. Maybe Ms.21 you don't want to hear about my kid, but I don't care about your college woes. Not true, I care, but sometimes I get frustrated with what you post about. So just like I am trying to be sensitive to where you are in life and what you are going through, I need you to return the favor. Just ignore me, easy peasy.

Rant over.

Monday, June 24, 2013

My Husband, The Wonderful

Is your husband as wonderful as mine? My hope is that women all over the world would get in a large (slightly hilarious) arguing match about whose husband is the best because the only thing they agree on is that it's their own husband. I know this is not always the case, but I feel so blessed that it is for me!

I am so bad at "selfies", but this is the night we celebrated getting a new doctor. My husband likes to celebrate with me! He has learned that, for me, it's not fully celebrated if their was no dessert involved. He has also learned that, as a general rule, I do not like to do things alone. So he came home from work that day, made dinner for us (and the baby), helped put the baby to bed, THEN made brownies with me to celebrate doctor day. I know what you're thinking - why wouldn't you want to make brownies? This is not a man who loves to bake. He generally only wants its products, but he baked with me voluntarily because he knew I would like it.

He is willing to be silly with me! (It was snowing in this picture really early in the morning which you may know is not his favorite, but he went out and played in it for me. This was a while back)

RB at maybe 2 weeks old

 He has loved our little girl since way before she was born. He is so sweet with her.

He loves trying new things, especially new foods, with me. (Anniversary - Tapas, but Japanese style)

I wish I had a picture, but last night he mowed the lawn and then quit early so he could come tuck the baby in with me. He really goes above and beyond, especially with all the morning sickness, to provide for me and take care of everything he can. He works so hard all day long. He goes to work to provide for his family (and, in my opinion, save the world), then he comes home and continues that work by being completely present for his wife and daughter. What a great man!

So I definitely think my husband is the best one out there. I would choose him again and again. But I also hope that this post just makes you think about the amazing qualities your husband possesses.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 23, 2013


It's Official - she's growing! 

This week Baby Girl has been eating a lot more for breakfast and then boom, last night her pajama pants were way too short. Her pants mostly flood an inch or so off the floor (it's summer though, so I just say they are capris or something). 

We put her in this adorable dress this morning for church and it doesn't even cover her diaper. It reminds me of the clothes they wore in the Brady Bunch, but maybe even a bit shorter. 

Crazy Times!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Baby Bump

14 Weeks and Counting

of the slowest pregnancy known to man

Okay I know that isn't true, but it sometimes feels true. The summer is just crawling by for me. Anyway, some people had been asking if I had a bump because I tend to wear clothes on the looser side. So today I sported a slightly more fitted T just to show the bump off to you! Enjoy!

I would give you some stats on this baby, but honestly I don't know any yet! We just changed doctors and will go in for a check up in a week or so.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Second Trimester Whoas

Second Trimester Whoas

So there are lots of great things about the second trimester - my hair is thick (read thicker than normal, I am shedding less), I'm closer to the end which makes me incredibly thankful. But there are also some drawbacks (so if you don't want to listen to complaining then move on):

  • The sick part of this whole thing has not receded yet... at all. 
  • My back hurts. What? When did my daughter get so heavy? 
  • I'm dizzy off and on. Don't worry, it's only when I exert energy, ha. Church has just welcomed sitting Claire back. 
  • My pants don't fit. They just don't. But also since I'm not very far along (and I have no butt), most pregnancy clothes don't fit. I'm clearly suffering...
  • Things don't all taste the same. In trimester uno, I really loved eating cheese on crackers (Velveeta style). Today... it tastes funny. 
  • Nothing sounds good to eat. Nothing. Literally. Or drink. I eat only out of necessity.
  • I still have the rest of this trimester plus one more to go. December will never come!
  • Did I mention how far away December is from today? 
  • My bangs are getting out of control. Okay, maybe this has nothing to do with the second trimester, but it's annoying. They aren't short enough or long enough. 
Enjoy your life, non-preggos of the world!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

15 Months

Happy 15 Months!

I thought since her 15 month day was on Father's Day, she should take her picture with her daddy

Fun facts for month fifteen:
Weight: more than 18lbs. 14oz. (read I really don't know)
Height: 28 inches
Eating: 3 meals a day and 1-2 snacks
Sleeping: 2 Naps during the day
Diaper: Size 3 diapers
Clothing:6-9 months, and 6-12 month clothes (although the smaller ones are getting snug!)
What's new for month fifteen:
  • She loves to point at things and attempt their names
  • She has added "yeah", "whoa", "hi", "baby" and "me" (which usually means "more") to her vocabulary (she is trying to say so many things in a day, but these are the ones she can say consistently)
  • "No" is still her favorite word by far
  • She is walking!! She is our little adventurer for sure.
  • She is SO talkative
  • She likes to lick up her mucus (haha, enjoy that one)
  • She is really expressing her displeasure when she does not get what she wants
  • We have had some for real tantrums
  • She loves to put things in other things (like her car inside her shape sorter), she likes to put the shapes through the shape holes, and dump it all out again
  • She is obsessed (still) with these foam puzzles she has. She loves to take them apart.
  • We have tried now for over a year to get this girl to sign and I feel like she just looks at me like, "Well, don't you look stupid."
  • She knows what "no" means and typically obeys
  • She  likes to squat
  • She likes to point to things in books and try to say them, she is such a mimic (she can do the elephant sound, but now thinks all animals make that sound)
  • She loves to bring you a book to read or a toy to play with
  • She enjoys tearing paper
  • She pretends to whistle
  • She says "babababa" (with some semblance of a tune to it) when she wants me to sing along
  • She says "vroom vroom" (to a degree) when she plays with toy cars
  • She is mostly scared of dogs
  • She has tried to repeat me when I have said, "I love you" a few times. Today (Father's Day) she repeated me when I asked her to say, "I love you, Daddy!" She said something like, "Aaiiee lalolalooo, Dada!" Super cute.
  • She is getting to be a cuddle bug
  • She seems to sense when I don't feel good and comes to snuggle next to me
  • If I spear the food, she can feed herself with a fork. She is getting better with the spoon too.
  • She can throw the ball
  • She dances standing up now and occasionally shakes her head to music
  • She loves other children
  • She has figured out how to put necklaces over her head and sometimes she can get them off