Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Facebook Stinks

So, there are many reasons why I will not quit using Facebook. There are many things I like about Facebook and I enjoy wasting my time there. But aren't there just so many reasons that it sucks?

First, I am a political person. I enjoy politics and getting involved in politics. I want to state my political opinion for the record. BUT, I do not want to start that on Facebook. Too many people with too many opinions that are often under-informed and/or over opinionated and none of them have tact. Seriously. A little polite disagreement could go a long way. So, I choose not to post my opinions on Facebook. And can I just say that it kills me? When I see someone post their political (or let's be honest religious) thoughts on Facebook and I agree or disagree, I want to engage them. I don't want to say something rude, I just want to share my opinion. Or maybe the article they posted seems to have overlooked something or there is just a different point of view. Or maybe I don't agree, but I think the article was really thought provoking. Or maybe I agree, but I think other people would judge the title of the article without actually reading it. Just so many reasons to keep your thoughts to yourself.

Second, mom guilt. Do I really have to explain much more? There are just so many options for how you decide to raise your child. Today I read an article about attachment parenting that I don't agree with. I know people that have done it with success and without success. But I also don't feel like it's my job to tell them I don't agree, you know? Parenting is so hard. It's ridiculously hard! And you spend half the time second guessing your choices anyway. You just don't need one more person telling you that you are doing it wrong. Now, if you're friend is at their wits end or is asking you for help or whatever, that's different. I'm talking about posting stuff all over Facebook regardless of the feelings of others. I don't think most moms (it's moms, be real) are trying to hurt anyone's feelings, they really are trying to share the knowledge they have learned with others! But, it can be so easily hurtful. This article I read made it sound like if you ever let your child cry for even a moment, you are neglecting your baby. You are a neglectful parent. AH! I won't give you all the reasons that I firmly believe in the method I chose and how experience has shown me that RB does not respond well to the attachment style. But I don't think any mom or dad just chooses willy nilly to do what they do. They try and if they fail, they try something else. Isn't parenting hard enough, right? I want to post what I think is the perfect way, the right way, and what's working for me, but isn't it hard enough without all that?

Lastly, young people. You may be thinking, "You are only 26, Claire. You are young." That's true, but there is something about having kids that puts you in a different category. So I know that the rest of the kidless world is completely overwhelmed and disgusted by how much us moms want to post about our children. Whether it's how great or how awful they are, we want to post about them all the time. So I try to limit my posting about the babe, but honestly she's approximately 80% of my life. I have school, but I don't interact with anyone there since it's by email. I have the husband, but he's gone during the day and I try not to bother him too much at work (especially right now because he has so much on his plate). So I spend most of my day following a 15 month old around the house. So when Facebook's status bar beckons me, asking "what are you thinking"....I'm thinking about following my 15 month old around the house. I'm thinking of all the stuff she's doing today. Maybe Ms.21 you don't want to hear about my kid, but I don't care about your college woes. Not true, I care, but sometimes I get frustrated with what you post about. So just like I am trying to be sensitive to where you are in life and what you are going through, I need you to return the favor. Just ignore me, easy peasy.

Rant over.


  1. I agree with all of this. Everything. Spot on. Exact same reason I don't post parenting advice (as if I know better than others. psha) or comment on political posts (I have opinions, too!)

    It's ironic, though, that I don't really post stuff like that, but I enjoy reading others' articles/posts and whatnot (even if I don't agree).

  2. I didn't feel like signing out of Jacob's account hahahaha I'm so lazy

  3. Hi! New follower. And I don't think this question belongs here but I was hoping to know what faith you practice? I've read through a bunch of the "older posts"
    Best of luck with baby2