Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, June 24, 2013

My Husband, The Wonderful

Is your husband as wonderful as mine? My hope is that women all over the world would get in a large (slightly hilarious) arguing match about whose husband is the best because the only thing they agree on is that it's their own husband. I know this is not always the case, but I feel so blessed that it is for me!

I am so bad at "selfies", but this is the night we celebrated getting a new doctor. My husband likes to celebrate with me! He has learned that, for me, it's not fully celebrated if their was no dessert involved. He has also learned that, as a general rule, I do not like to do things alone. So he came home from work that day, made dinner for us (and the baby), helped put the baby to bed, THEN made brownies with me to celebrate doctor day. I know what you're thinking - why wouldn't you want to make brownies? This is not a man who loves to bake. He generally only wants its products, but he baked with me voluntarily because he knew I would like it.

He is willing to be silly with me! (It was snowing in this picture really early in the morning which you may know is not his favorite, but he went out and played in it for me. This was a while back)

RB at maybe 2 weeks old

 He has loved our little girl since way before she was born. He is so sweet with her.

He loves trying new things, especially new foods, with me. (Anniversary - Tapas, but Japanese style)

I wish I had a picture, but last night he mowed the lawn and then quit early so he could come tuck the baby in with me. He really goes above and beyond, especially with all the morning sickness, to provide for me and take care of everything he can. He works so hard all day long. He goes to work to provide for his family (and, in my opinion, save the world), then he comes home and continues that work by being completely present for his wife and daughter. What a great man!

So I definitely think my husband is the best one out there. I would choose him again and again. But I also hope that this post just makes you think about the amazing qualities your husband possesses.

Happy Monday!

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