Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Quiet Time"

Please excuse our morning hair but we are wearing very similar Aggie tops!

So I often wonder how other mommies do it. How do they find some time for themselves, to do the things that need to get done, to get dressed, etc in the midst of multiple children. Especially if the children are small and/or homeschooled. Kudos to you ladies.

I will admit that the first thing to go for me... cleaning. You could ask my family, but I would rather you didn't since I was even less clean as a child and I think that those memories are still pretty fresh in some minds. But I will freely admit to you that I am not a neat freak, clean freak, germaphobe, or any of those other cleaning related nicknames. I do have some OCD issues, but somehow they have skipped over the cleaning thing.

So a while back this new and beautiful thing started happening. My daughter learned to use a spoon. Eureka! She eats yogurt and/or applesauce every day. Plus when she feeds it to herself it takes an eternity. It used to drive me crazy watching her meticulously spoon each bit into her mouth however tiny the bite was (she is not so good at filling the spoon to capacity). But then I realized...I don't have to sit here and watch her do this. I mean I want to be nearby, very nearby since she has the habit of spilling things or shoving her spoon down her throat for fun if she gets tired of her current activity. But I can do the dishes while she eats, I can check the weather, I can eat my own breakfast (and once this second baby is born maybe I can even feed him) while she feeds herself. Whoop.

Now she is even getting to the point where she gets irritated if I try to help her feed herself before she has asked me for help ("hep peez, hep peez!"). It ends up in a fit at breakfast and a straight up refusal to eat whatever is next in the meal regardless of how much she actually likes the food. I have no idea where she could get this stubborn streak from....awkward smile.

So while I know these moments are brief and this freedom really only lasts for two more months before I have another, even smaller mouth to feed, I am trying to take delight in some small victories.

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