Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, November 25, 2013



So, I am almost 37 weeks and am SO ready for this baby to exit my body. I'm starting to get genuinely irritated at all the fake signs of labor. I mean, it's kind of rude of the body to have fake signs anyway right? We're talking multiple Braxton Hicks contractions... per hour. I have been to the hospital because of these contractions coming so often only to be told they are not productive. Oh good. I mean, at the time it was good because I was only 31/32 weeks and I know the baby was not quite ready to make his debut. However, now we are getting to a time when he would be perfectly healthy if he came. 

Did I mention that he is huge? At 32 weeks he was approximately 5 1/2 lbs and gaining quickly. We had nicknamed him Peanut when we did not know his gender (somehow calling our babies "it" never seemed okay with me, RB was "Doodle" and this little guy is "Peanut"). We have since upgraded his name to Dinosaur. In deference to his huge-ness. 

So now I am starting to get close to the "real" thing (all you ladies hopefully can guess what I mean) and I'm just thinking "is this it?" all the time. Is that my water breaking? Are these contractions real ones? What's the difference between AF and the normal leaking stuff? How will I know? Is it worth scheduling things to do in the next week? Can I actually walk this baby out? Why are there so many wives tales about how to induce labor if they don't work? 

Maybe you are wondering why I am so anxious to get this baby out (other than the nausea and severe pain...). I'm trying for a VBAC. The smaller this baby is, the more likely I am to have success. I don't want him to be teeny tiny or unhealthy, but I need him to be under 9lbs. I'm praying for this all the time. Feel free to pray alongside me.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

20 Months

Happy 20 Months!

Fun facts for month twenty:
Weight: 24lbs
Height: 30+ inches
Eating: 3 meals a day and 1-2 snacks
Sleeping: 2 Naps during the day (although sometimes it is 1 rest and 1 nap)
Diaper: Size 4 diapers
Clothing: 12-18 month clothes and some 18 month clothes

What's new for month twenty:
  • She is SO talkative, some fun words are "outside", "bubbles", "sword", "fish" (there's a fish tank at my doctor's office), "trash", "diaper", "open", "closed", "color", "cains" (crayons)
  • She is growing! She has outgrown clothes and shoes in the last month!
  • She likes to practice leaving - she will say "bye bye!", "see you!", "Iee you!" (I love you) and then walks to the door
  • She is obsessed with bubbles and drawing
  • She has begun to enjoy dirt and mud!
  • She finally knows the difference between hair and hat
  • She is very confused between up and down, she says both interchangeably 
  • She will mimic any word she hears - be careful! 
  • Reading, reading, reading! She even pretends to read to herself sometimes
  • She loves hair accessories, I mean loves.
  • She loves shoes
  • She is learning a lot of things like "go get...", "can you show me what you want?", "Where's your cup?", "let's change your diaper" (and she walks to the bathroom), and a lot more.
  • She loves to help!
  • She can point more and more things out in books and knows what they are - the first words book has become very popular because she point out so many things to say in that book
  • When we put her to bed she says that she loves us over and over as we leave the room - totally cute (makes it really hard to leave the room...I think she knows this)
  • She is still scared of the vacuum 
  • She likes to spin in circles
  • She loves to put on her daddy's hat
  • She can put her shoes on sometimes

Friday, November 15, 2013

Brain Overload

So, my brain is completely fried. I am trying to get all the big things for school done before this baby comes and my brain is fried. I am writing in discussion boards about things that I truly have no opinion over, and forcing myself to research papers that I do not want to write. I'm exhausted.

Then my baby got a double ear infection and a viral rash (which I definitely thought was hives, yay second trip to the doctor in a week).

So now I am behind on the paper I am writing - should Christians consume alcohol (even in moderation)? I need to finish another sermon from James. I need to do a TON of reading and take notes on it all.

And you know what I'm thinking about? I wonder when this baby will make his exit from my body. Maybe this contraction is the first one of The contractions. Can I get any larger? Scratch that, I cannot get any larger.
These are the things I am thinking about which makes it awfully hard to write a paper. Much less do anything else productive.

Plus I'm supposed to feed myself, feed my daughter, play with her, and much more.

I need to stop complaining. Seriously. It's going to be fine, self. Ignore me.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


This is my day today - sick baby equals lots of cuddle time!

The siblings are getting some quality time and they don't even know it. Enjoy the belly picture!