Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Sunday, November 17, 2013

20 Months

Happy 20 Months!

Fun facts for month twenty:
Weight: 24lbs
Height: 30+ inches
Eating: 3 meals a day and 1-2 snacks
Sleeping: 2 Naps during the day (although sometimes it is 1 rest and 1 nap)
Diaper: Size 4 diapers
Clothing: 12-18 month clothes and some 18 month clothes

What's new for month twenty:
  • She is SO talkative, some fun words are "outside", "bubbles", "sword", "fish" (there's a fish tank at my doctor's office), "trash", "diaper", "open", "closed", "color", "cains" (crayons)
  • She is growing! She has outgrown clothes and shoes in the last month!
  • She likes to practice leaving - she will say "bye bye!", "see you!", "Iee you!" (I love you) and then walks to the door
  • She is obsessed with bubbles and drawing
  • She has begun to enjoy dirt and mud!
  • She finally knows the difference between hair and hat
  • She is very confused between up and down, she says both interchangeably 
  • She will mimic any word she hears - be careful! 
  • Reading, reading, reading! She even pretends to read to herself sometimes
  • She loves hair accessories, I mean loves.
  • She loves shoes
  • She is learning a lot of things like "go get...", "can you show me what you want?", "Where's your cup?", "let's change your diaper" (and she walks to the bathroom), and a lot more.
  • She loves to help!
  • She can point more and more things out in books and knows what they are - the first words book has become very popular because she point out so many things to say in that book
  • When we put her to bed she says that she loves us over and over as we leave the room - totally cute (makes it really hard to leave the room...I think she knows this)
  • She is still scared of the vacuum 
  • She likes to spin in circles
  • She loves to put on her daddy's hat
  • She can put her shoes on sometimes

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