Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Friday, November 15, 2013

Brain Overload

So, my brain is completely fried. I am trying to get all the big things for school done before this baby comes and my brain is fried. I am writing in discussion boards about things that I truly have no opinion over, and forcing myself to research papers that I do not want to write. I'm exhausted.

Then my baby got a double ear infection and a viral rash (which I definitely thought was hives, yay second trip to the doctor in a week).

So now I am behind on the paper I am writing - should Christians consume alcohol (even in moderation)? I need to finish another sermon from James. I need to do a TON of reading and take notes on it all.

And you know what I'm thinking about? I wonder when this baby will make his exit from my body. Maybe this contraction is the first one of The contractions. Can I get any larger? Scratch that, I cannot get any larger.
These are the things I am thinking about which makes it awfully hard to write a paper. Much less do anything else productive.

Plus I'm supposed to feed myself, feed my daughter, play with her, and much more.

I need to stop complaining. Seriously. It's going to be fine, self. Ignore me.

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