Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, November 25, 2013



So, I am almost 37 weeks and am SO ready for this baby to exit my body. I'm starting to get genuinely irritated at all the fake signs of labor. I mean, it's kind of rude of the body to have fake signs anyway right? We're talking multiple Braxton Hicks contractions... per hour. I have been to the hospital because of these contractions coming so often only to be told they are not productive. Oh good. I mean, at the time it was good because I was only 31/32 weeks and I know the baby was not quite ready to make his debut. However, now we are getting to a time when he would be perfectly healthy if he came. 

Did I mention that he is huge? At 32 weeks he was approximately 5 1/2 lbs and gaining quickly. We had nicknamed him Peanut when we did not know his gender (somehow calling our babies "it" never seemed okay with me, RB was "Doodle" and this little guy is "Peanut"). We have since upgraded his name to Dinosaur. In deference to his huge-ness. 

So now I am starting to get close to the "real" thing (all you ladies hopefully can guess what I mean) and I'm just thinking "is this it?" all the time. Is that my water breaking? Are these contractions real ones? What's the difference between AF and the normal leaking stuff? How will I know? Is it worth scheduling things to do in the next week? Can I actually walk this baby out? Why are there so many wives tales about how to induce labor if they don't work? 

Maybe you are wondering why I am so anxious to get this baby out (other than the nausea and severe pain...). I'm trying for a VBAC. The smaller this baby is, the more likely I am to have success. I don't want him to be teeny tiny or unhealthy, but I need him to be under 9lbs. I'm praying for this all the time. Feel free to pray alongside me.

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