Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, December 23, 2013

How Can I Keep from Singing

Corban Josiah Mummert

Corban Josiah Mummert was born December 11 at 8:40am! He was born 8lbs 12oz and 21 3/4 inches
For those of you who do not know, here is his welcome story:

I have been so tired of being pregnant...for months. I have tried praying this baby into the world, cried tears over his hugeness, and felt desperate at times. I'm sure other moms in the world who remember those final months before your babe was born can sympathize with me here. I was huge and had been praying for a VBAC for months, yet it looked like God was going to say no to that prayer. This little boy is so much bigger than RB was and she would not descend, so the odds of this guy coming VBAC style was pretty slim. I was having contractions like crazy for a week or two and even had to go to the hospital twice because of the amount of contractions. But no matter how many idea or how painful they were, they were not productive. I was having contractions consistently 5 minutes apart (and at one point 2-3 minutes apart), but still no change. (I was a 3 at this point)

The Wednesday of December 4th, we were driving home from church and got rear ended. Everyone was fine, but it is routine to go in and be monitored for 24 hours if you are pregnant. On our way in to be monitored, I started having very regular contractions and found out we had progressed to a 5. We honestly thought "this is it"! Our nurses thought so and our doctor even seemed encouraged. Not exactly the way I planned on going into labor, but I wasn't about to complain. However, he didn't come. I was so disappointed. We went in that Monday to the doctor to find no change in my progress at all despite all the contractions I had endured over the weekend. My body was just so so tired. Everything hurt, I wasn't sleeping, RB was so heavy, and I just wanted to cry. After discussing things with Cal and my doctor, we I got "swept" on Monday but we decided that if the baby had not come by Thursday, we would keep our c-section appointment (previously scheduled as a "just in case"). I was just ready to throw in the towel. Usually after a sweep, if your body is ready to go into labor it will happen with 24 hours. So, by Tuesday night I had resigned myself that this little guy was not going to come naturally and God had, in His wisdom, said "no" to my request. 

I wish I could explain to you why it was so important to me to have a VBAC. Besides the health issues, there was just something inside of me that desperately wanted to experience birth. I cannot quite explain it to you. I don't doubt that a c-section was the healthy thing for RB and I am so thankful that I live somewhere that it was possible to have her safely delivered. But this didn't change my resolve to want to experience birth. The longer I was pregnant, the stronger this resolve felt in my mind. So, when it looked like God had said "no", I was grieving. I went to bed on Tuesday night a very sad, very pregnant woman. I cried out to God and gave this little boy to Him for the millionth time. I begged Him again for peace, patience, and strength. I asked Him for wisdom. I asked Him to remind me that a healthy baby is way more important that my birth plan preferences. 

At 1am Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, I felt a very strange pop. I want to say that I was completely aware my water broke, but it didn't feel like that to me. It felt as if I popped my back, only it wasn't my back - it was in my baby belly. I got up because the pop was a bit painful, waking me from sleep, and making me a little concerned. I decided I would get up, walk around, and take a bathroom break to see if there was any damage I could see. I will spare you all the details, but let's just say that I made it to the bathroom before realizing my water broke. And break it did. First, I woke up the husband "Cal, wake up! Wake up! I think my water broke!" We called the doctor, who told us to come on in. We had to wake up RB and bring her with us because honestly....who has their phone on at 1am. No one. (I wouldn't) 

By the time we got to the hospital, I was contracting so painfully that I was throwing up and having difficulty breathing. I ended up allowing them to give me an epidural to take the edge off (it made it so that I could still feel all of my contractions and control my body, but the major pain was gone). I went all natural with RB right up until the emergency c-section, but the pain with this little guy when I was a 6 was worse than the pain I felt with RB at a 10. I just could not relax and felt like I was hyperventilating. So, the epidural was to give us our best chance at a VBAC. RB was a champ - she slept that entire night in her stroller (reclined), in the corner of my hospital room while I was laboring. A good friend picked her up the next morning and I had already begun pushing! RB almost got to witness her brother's arrival haha. It all happened so quickly! (Can I just give a shout out to my friends here - y'all were amazing to help us with RB and make this as easy as possible for us)

The scary part did not start until I was finally ready to push. With each push, though, came large dips in little boy's heart rate. Large dips. I could hear them on the monitor and with every dip of his heart, came a dip in my own. He was sunny side up (can't a girl catch a break?) and his shoulder ended up getting stuck. I was only allowed to push one out of every few contractions and then had to get in certain positions while taking oxygen to try and keep his heart rate up. We were on a clock of sorts at that point to get him out or to have an emergency c-section. My doctor was really worried we would need the latter even after all the pushing because he just continued to dip. Right before the last two pushing contractions, his heart seem to stabilize and we used that as a sign to do work! It was insanely difficult, and strange (I don't want to lie to you), but God granted my prayer. Corban was born VBAC at 8:40am. He inhaled some meconium (sp?) and had to be watched/suctioned for a minute, but then I got to hold my little boy skin-to-skin. I got to nurse my little boy pretty much right away. Whoa! (Cal was excited because when taking "bets", he correctly guessed Corban's birthday)

I can't tell you how blown away I have been by this whole thing. By answered prayers, by the little guy in my life, how well he eats, how big he is (he has already gained back his birth weight plus some more at his 1 week appointment and had grown 1/4 inch at his 1 week appointment), how good of a sleeper he is, and how much simpler recovery has been.

God is so good. All the time.


  1. So exciting! Well baby T is older than Corban and I still haven't written mine out, maybe I will soon! Glad you got your VBAC. :)

  2. Way to go Claire! This will definitely be a memory you won't forget and I am so glad the Lord answered your prayers. Praise God that all ended well and you now have a beautiful and healthy baby Corban!

  3. Good call on the birthday, Cal. Father and son!