Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Friday, January 3, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

I don't tend to do resolutions or make goals at the beginning of the year. My goals tend to be more short term than that. But this year, due to a blog I read, I decided to take a stab at it and share my heart with you.

Enjoy my Christmas decor which is still up in honor of my sister's birthday Jan. 7th

I want to know that I am sitting here, enjoying some grapes, goldfish, and hot chocolate as I watch The Return of the King in house full of sleeping babies. That's right, they are both asleep which has afforded me this rare moment to do whatever I want within reason.

As I was thinking through what my resolutions should be, and reading through Today's Letters' suggestions on how to formulate meaningful resolutions here were some of my thoughts - what I really want is a life of travel, adventure, overseas mission work, language study, good food, gardening, hard living, cutting back, and sleep. (I add sleep only because of the Dinosaur's addition to our lives) While many of these make good resolutions, they are all selfish. They make little time for my family, they don't improve my relationship with Christ (in most cases), they don't improve my marriage, etc. The motives especially were selfish. Mission work sounds like this amazing, righteous thing, but my motives are not all together pure. I have been especially jealous of a few of my closest friends who have been allowed to travel and even move overseas recently. It makes me feel like my life is dull. Some of the blogs I read make me feel like that too. So my resolutions are an attempt to empty myself of me, begging The Father to take control, ruin my life for Him. To grab hold of the place He has put me, the family He has given me, and the calling He has put upon my life in this moment. Some of the goals are still just for fun, but some are much more serious. So here they are:

Individual goals:
Discipleship with a friend(s) (1-on-1 or 2-on-1)
Find a friend and bake one new thing a month together
Finish memorizing the book of James
Run a 10k (this is a maybe because of another goal below - I ran a half marathon after RB was born but felt like it was too much time taken away from my family to train so this is a smaller goal)
Have at least 1 cake customer per month
Read enough to fill a book shelf (one shelf) full of books

Family/Marriage goals:
Eat dinner as a family 5x a week – high/low/thankfulness
Read together (out loud)
Do a service project together every quarter
Spiritual – once a week parenting devo book as a couple
Physical – Sprint triathlon as a couple
Relational – dinner with another couple once a month
Financial – save toward a trip to France (to visit family)

I want to remind you as you make goals/resolutions what I was reminded of by the blog. Don't make these resolutions an idol in your life. Don't get so caught in completing these goals that you miss the process. The point of making these goals is the process. It is to be changed, refined, and molded this year. So even if I don't attain all these goals, God will have molded me through the attempt.

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