Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, April 14, 2014

Back on Track

So I skipped a day posting, but Sunday is sort of a wash. She had to wear a diaper at church and then had to wear a diaper during her super long nap she always takes on Sunday afternoon. So she was completely able to hold it the entire time she was diaperless in the evening.

Today, though, we had a break through! (sort of) She started to go and I was able to get her onto the toilet in time for most of make it! She was so excited! She kept pointing at it and saying "peepee!" She got her reward (read: bribe) and to do some of the other things she loves (like flush the toilet). So I am hoping that this will help her. I have really felt like if she could be successful at it just once, she might understand more thoroughly what I was asking her to do. So, here's hoping!

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