Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Drama Drama Drama

While today is not yet over, I can honestly say it has been one of the most dramatic days. So, I quickly figured out that as long as RB had on underwear, she felt no need to make haste to the bathroom. So we implemented naked day (well she has a shirt on, so not entirely naked). She HATES the feeling of pee running down her leg. So the moment she starts to go, she starts to cry. Then she finds me and makes her way to the toilet. Despite all this, we were able to get to the toilet twice in time. She was promptly rewarded with chocolate, yummm. So even though it was dramatic, I felt victory.
So later, we went outside because I figured that would be a great place to have an accident - no cleaning! When she had to go (I didn't know she needed to go), she climbed up in a chair we have outside and peed. She did not like the puddle (I guess she thought it was a toilet?), so she jumped out of the chair. However, the chair is not as low as a her toilet and she seriously scraped up her leg/knee. This caused lots of crying on top of spilling some of the pee puddle onto herself. Clean clean clean, cry cry cry, console console console. We go on with our day, but she does not pee another time (it's been two hours). She does begin to exhibit signs that number 2 is on its way....

So I plunk her done on the toilet to poop. And she screams. I mean SCREAMS! And cries and screams. I keep trying to remind her about the chocolate but she is not having it. So I get out the chocolate and show it to her which helps her calm down enough to sit back down. She gives a couple good pushes and announces "all done!" She stands up and I look in the toilet which is...empty. I look up at her just in time to watch her give a final parting push to the poop which lands happily on my floor. She tries to reach for the chocolate in my hand which I refuse to give her since she did not poop in the toilet, but on the floor. She gets upset, screams "Chocolate!", then tries to eat one of the poop pellets on the floor. I managed to keep her from eating poop, but each time I try and go get something to pick it up she tries to eat it. She also has poop on her so I don't want to pick her up. I won't tell you how eventually it worked out, but let's just say she didn't eat the poop and I almost threw up. I put the chocolate down where she could not reach it so I could get stuff to clean up the rest of the mess (read: stain on carpet, poop on daughter). She climbs up to where the chocolate is, eats some. Then she gets in trouble for eating the chocolate - screaming, crying.

Then...cuddling? Weird. 

Then she decides she has had enough for the day and wants to take an early nap. No complaints here. Mommy has had enough too. Now I need to go work out....great.

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