Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Day I Gave Up

So today I sort of phoned it in on the whole potty training issue. Not necessarily because I wanted to, but that's just what happens sometimes.

The little man had his 4 month appointment (4 month post to come later, he's been teething and feeling under the weather so I haven't tempted fate with a photo shoot) so she got to be in a diaper for that. Then went straight down for nap when we got home. So basically, half the day she was in a diaper.

She got up and was very sad to lose the diaper, but recovered quickly. She only had one accident, but has actually just gotten really good at holding it until bed time. No successful uses of the toilet. Not one. We are planning to try and hydrate her a bit more tomorrow so that holding it is a bit more difficult.

I have also decided to just remove some stress from myself about this. Tomorrow I'm just letting her run around with no clothes, and let it happen. If she trains, great. If not, fine. She doesn't really work well under pressure, so I wonder if me asking her if she needs to go is too much for her. If this doesn't work in another week (I don't mean that she's perfectly trained, only that she is showing some progress) we may reevaluate whether she is truly ready. She was so "in" to the toilet before we started this. She had even gone number 2 in the toilet several times, gotten treats for it, and seemed to enjoy it. She loves to flush the toilet, she enjoys using toilet paper, she would even sit on the toilet for fun sometimes. But now, she is not quite so "in" to it.

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