Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Week That Might Kill Me

Welcome to the week that might kill me

So apparently I am a crazy person. I have undergone two tasks that may be the death of me this week. Task one - potty training my two year old. (She seems interested, she can tell me when she needs to go, I think she's ready) Task two - breaking my son of needing a paci to sleep. (He has started waking up a thousand times at night to have his paci put back I am going to attempt to chronicle this adventure so that you can watch my sanity fade and take bets on whether I will survive, give up, or be admitted.

Potty Training Day 1: Talking about the bathroom/toilet (she actually uses the words "toilet" and "bathroom" to describe it so that's what we'll use), teaching her baby doll to drink up and then use the bathroom, buying pretty underwear

Paci Hatred Day 1: Really trying to keep the little guy awake until he is super tired but not over tired, let him cry for 5 minutes

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