Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Sunday, May 11, 2014

5 Months

Fun facts for month five:
Weight: 15lbs .4oz
Height: 26 inches
Eating: Every 2-3hrs during the day, Once at night
Sleeping: 2-3 naps per day
Diaper: Size 2 diapers during the day, size 3 diapers at night
Clothing: 6 months

What's new for month five:
  • He is growing!
  • He likes to suck on his upper lip haha
  • He has been enjoying riding in the bike trailer
  • He is napping much more consistently (and much more easily)
  • OH my goodness this little man's smile just melts my heart, he even likes strangers
  • He is so grabby!
  • He loves to laugh and has started laughing at random things, so funny!
  • He wants to stand whenever possible
  • He does these little crunches like he's trying to sit himself up
  • He loves to follow RB around with his eyes, he really obviously loves her
  • He loves to be rocked and/or bounced
  • He keeps trying to push off of things with his feet
  • He is on the move! He has figured out ways to roll, pivot, and scoot around to get where he wants to go

Easter Sunday!


Loving the high chair

Daddy-Son bonding time

He loves his big sister

Hey, mom!

RB took this picture

She loves him too, so sweet

She lets him chew on her sometimes haha

Giving brother kisses

Sucking his fingers like his sister and mommy!

Storm trooper

First bike race!

Loving on 'chelle

Gigi time!

First time he ever rode up front in the cart

How can you not include all the takes when his smile is so cute?!

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  1. I LOVE that you take the kids bike riding! My husband and I love to bike ride, I think it would be so fun to take kids one day!!