Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Good Work

Father, What is the good work you have for me? What is it you want me to be doing? I want to be like Ezra and Nehemiah where I follow you with immediate obedience. I want to be your servant first and foremost. I know I am to disciple my children, but sometimes that feels so...little. Because they are so little and they understand so little. There are moments with the 2 year old where I feel like I am making a difference for you, but most days I feel like she doesn't really know anything about you. She knows the name of your Son, but she doesn't know your Son. How could she, really? Is this my only purpose in the life at the present? I don't mean to minimize it, only that I really want to know that. Is this where I should put all my effort or are there other endeavors you have for me alongside this? How do I reach my neighbors? How can I make a lasting impact? I want to be sold out, all in for You! I want to adopt a million children, I want to go overseas and live in a box, I want to do something radical for you! I feel like what I have done is not enough. I feel like what I have to give is not enough. I feel like you have given me this yearning, this changing, this desire for more of You - but what do I do with that? How do I do it? How do I get it? I am parched, Father. Even when I read your Word with all my extra time, I am parched. I am yearning with no progress. I am running in place. I am grasping at air. I am pleading with You. I am giving this to You. Take it. Please, take it! Take it from me! I am not enough! Show me the next step, Father. Show me Your will. Mold me so that Your ways are my ways.

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