Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6 Months

Happy 6 Months!

Fun facts for month six:
Weight: 16lbs 8.4oz
Height: 26 3/4 inches
Eating: Every 3-4hrs during the day
Sleeping: 2-3 naps per day, Sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG!
Diaper: Size 3 diapers during the day
Clothing: 6 months, 6-12 months, 9 months

What's new for month six:
  • This little man is on the move! He wiggles like crazy and I feel like he is about to take off crawling just any moment
  • He has tried avocado and sweet potato to no avail. This kid has zero desire to eat solid food
  • He is growing!
  • He likes to suck on his upper lip haha - still love that
  • He is SO close to sitting up - he can sit up with assistance and sit up for a few seconds unassisted
  • He occasionally naps without the swaddle which is amazing
  • He is so grabby!
  • He laughs at nothing sometimes, he just loves laughing
  • He loves to stand and will plant his feet/arch his back to get out of sitting
  • He is a talker!
  • He loves to follow RB around with his eyes, he really obviously loves her
  • He has favorite toys
  • He is starting to enjoy reading in my lap, but he will only sit still for one book before wanting to play again
  • He has made forward progress once by grabbing something and pulling himself forward - crazy
  • He loves to reach out and grab toys (or struggle to try and reach them if they are bit far off)
  • He talks to people and objects
  • So I know he wasn't really saying "daddy", but he says "dadadada" sometimes when he babbles and it warms my heart right up

Skyping with Nana!

Loving some outside time...eating the blanket

Learning to sit up!

I mustache you to take my picture!

Fort day

Look, RB, we're almost the same size

Eating RB's baby

Changed his mine, kissing the baby now

Sitting in the stroller like a big boy!

Really, mom?

Reading and loving on daddy

I can't decide if he looks like a glow worm or a really sweet dalek

Must hold onto the paci

Let's do it together, sister

Watching the rain

First nap without the swaddle!

He doesn't really like the solids, but he sure has a cute messy face


RB is so helpful with the paci