Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Friday, August 22, 2014


The Day Blueberries Saved My Life

Today is the day that blueberries saved my life. Seriously people. For the last...month (or more, crying makes time a weird thing) little man has not been himself. He started out as a vibrant, happy, and loving little guy. You could not make this guy sad. As long as he was well fed and well slept, he was all smiles. Then some time between six and seven months, he lost his cool. He could not eat many solids but he was nursing enough that I did not think the solids issue was a big deal. Though he started sleeping poorly. He dropped his first nap altogether and slowly worked his way down on the second nap to thirty minutes only. It was awful. 

Then he started eating more solids 

(can I just say that all put together like this it is going to sound like a "duh" when I get there, but when you're barely surviving amidst the no sleep and not getting to eat and being sick yourself part of the time, it's not that clear) So he started eating more solids and went to a 1hr nap in the morning and a 1hr nap in the afternoon. Not enough, but praise God. He was still so clearly tired (TIRED) that I didn't know what to do. He wouldn't sleep but he was just a crabby mess. I changed him, I nursed him, I tried to get him to sleep...crying. So much crying. He wouldn't play and he would only be happy if I walked him around the house, bouncing him up and down in my arms. (Can I say that trying to do this while extremely nauseated is a TERRIBLE option) I say happy in the loosest terms. I should say "not crying". 

Lately he has gotten way better at eating solids

For the past three days, not only has been eating solids really well, but he has been willing to eat a lot more foods. So he has started taking a 2-3hr morning nap shortly after breakfast. Full tummy, right? So today he woke up early from his afternoon nap (which is the new normal) and I nursed him. When he was in the middle of nursing, he stopped to look up at me and gave me the biggest smile. Looking just like his old self. Loved that. Then, immediately after he was done he sat up to play and, shortly after, started crying again. But this time since it was so close to when he nursed (it isn't normally - usually he is pacified for a good bit after he nurses) that I thought maybe he was still hungry. 

So I fed him some blueberries If I had just figured it out earlier!! Well, when he would not eat solids I suppose that we were at an impasse. But now that he is so much better, we have found a solution. Not only was he happy, he laughed! He laughed! We played happily together and he laughed!'ll never believe it. He went down for another nap. A nap! I am blogging because he is sleeping! Praise the Lord!


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  1. Love those moments in motherhood when you figure something out that's stumped you for a while. It's glorious!! Hooray for blueberries and sleeping babes! :)