Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Weekend of Blessing

Two weeks ago I was given a huge present. An entire weekend of blessing.

Friday, August 1st: I got an email from Panera that I had a free smoothie on my membership card. So that morning the crew and I headed out for some smoothie time. I got a strawberry smoothie and shared it with my little girl. So delicious and all of us enjoyed the outing. For Cal and I's birthday in April/May a sweet friend gifted us a gift card for dinner and free babysitting. So, August 1st was the date we set! It was Houston Restaurant Weeks so we were able to eat at a fancy restaurant (set menu) for less than normal as well as give some money to the Houston Food Bank. Caracol was delicious!! Oh my goodness. I cannot even say. Mussels, shrimp, octopus, chicken, pork, so much deliciousness. The dessert was so interesting - sweet potato, ice cream, and something crunchy. Yummm.

Saturday, August 2nd: The first Saturday of every month is Cars and Coffee. All these people who own these fantastic cars get together off. So the husband took the kiddos off for the entire morning to go check out some cars. They even went and walked around the mall to give me some more time. So I did some dishes, watched some TV, read a book, and generally just relaxed. It was lovely to be at home in the silence. When the kiddos got home, we did lunch and then it was naps for everyone. It was SUCH a relaxing day for me. I couldn't even believe that I had such an easy day.

Sunday, August 3rd: We had such a good morning of worship and that afternoon began a new tradition. My sisters, mother, and I have started reading through a book together and discussing its spiritual application on our lives. It is just so wonderful. Love that.

It was a weekend of blessing!

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