Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Thursday, December 11, 2014

One Year

Happy First Birthday, Little Man!

Fun facts for month twelve:
Weight: 17lbs
Height: 27.5 inches
Eating: Nursing once a day, 3 meals/1 snack

Sleeping: 2 naps per day, all night
Diaper: Size 3 diapers
Clothing: 6-12 months, 9-12 months, 12 months

What's new for month twelve:
  • He is walking with one hand held if he wants something, ha
  • He bangs the table any time wants more, but has started doing this if he wants you to do something again also. He laughs and waives both hands up and down (read: again, again!)
  • He loves advent activities and thought his birthday party was The Best! 
  • He likes to take his hat off and put it back on (while laughing)
  • He is starting to put the rings back on his stacking toy!
  • He shoved his ENTIRE face into the cake
  • He is finally starting to sit through one book a day. I just want him to like reading so badly! 
  • His favorite food is...butter. Yep. This kids throws his hands up and squeals if you'll put some butter on his toast.
  • He has gotten a little more cuddly and sometimes in the midst of playing, he will come over to give me a little cuddle/hug before he goes to play some more. 
  • His favorite birthday toys are a green truck (with legos included), his wagon, and a ball.
  • He takes after his sister in that he likes to touch foreheads with you when he's being sweet.
  • I asked him for a kiss the other day to see what happened and he open mouth slobbered all over my face. It was gross and hysterical! 
  • I feel like he eats more than any little kid should, yet he cannot keep his weight up. 
  • Everything is a jungle gym to this kiddo.
  • He loves the push toy
  • He has figured out how to walk using the wall for support
    He tried to say some of our families' names this year! It's adorable!
  • He wants to walk so badly
  • He has a bit of a rebellious streak (as in the word "no" means nothing to me)
  • If you put his arm in the sleeve, he will push his hand through. Or if you put the shirt over his head, but do not uncover his eyes, he will try and pull it the rest of the way down.
  • He loves to pull out all the toys and books, then explore the whole room of mess he has created
  • He loves to look out the window
  • He loves his sister and they are playing so well! She gets down on the floor and they crawl around laughing hysterically
  • He can give you a high five!
  • He loves being outside!!
  • He is still anemic, pray that changes soon.
  • If you can hang with all the pictures below, you'll be rewarded with some cake pictures!

Uncle Bubba!

Thanksgiving Dinner - he's not complaining!

Plenty of hands to help out

First Spaghetti - yumm

He loved advent - cutting out paper snowflakes

Don't hug meeee

Birthday cake!

Dinosaur coloring for the bigger kids

RB's a fan


Gigi and C!

We decided that he needed a bit of cake for breakfast on his actual birthday as well.


Pop! Whoa!

Great Grandaddy time

Helping pick out his first real Christmas tree

Christmas lights in Canton, MS!

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