Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Friday, January 30, 2015

Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

We had the MOST amazing time on our short vacation to Vermont a few weeks ago. I thought about sharing it here, but I've decided to keep it private. Not because anything crazy happened, but because it was so precious to me, such a beautiful time to revitalize, that it feels almost sacred (almost). Maybe I'll share it later, but for now I love that the husband and I have something that was just for us and continues to be just us. 

One thing we talked about was how we wanted the year 2015 to be different from 2014. We decided on two words that we wanted to define this year. Brave. Adventure. While part of me wants this to mean that we are going to go backpacking or do something insane, but that's not exactly what that means. The life we have been given is an adventure! But we spend so much of it not embracing the adventure. We spend too much time "getting by" or "surviving". I think there's still going to be a good amount of that, we are making an effort to embrace and chase adventure. Whether it's exploring a local park, going to the zoo, camping in the backyard, or whatever, we want to find adventure in the very day. We want to enjoy the adventure God has set before us. 

But we also want to be brave. We want to step out in faith, we want to make relationships where it may be scary, we want to give, we want to teach, we want to spread the Gospel, we want to obey God, and do all things in a brave way. We are going to step outside our comfort zone and be brave in all aspects of life. I know that it will not be perfect, but this is the goal. We want to know Christ more fully, make relationships completely, and enjoy our family! 

Will you join us on the brave adventure (#braveadventure) and share how it changes your life?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fundraising Information

So, can I just say (again) that I do not love fundraising. In a perfect world, we would just have enough money to do this completely on our own. However, it is not a perfect world and we want to bring this child home as fast as possible. So, that requires fundraising. Many people have asked me what all we have done, and what all we are currently doing to raise funds. Many people want to know if we are doing it solely through fundraisers, so I wanted to put a little information about us into your hands.

What have we done?
In 2014, we did our first waive of fundraising. First, we sold t-shirts (they are technically still available, but I need an order of at least 13 and do not have that) to help get the word out about our adoption. Second, we had an online Facebook silent auction right before Christmas. Lastly, we started selling Just Love Coffee (this is ongoing).
In 2015, we have opened a GoFundMe account after being asked several times to do so at  and we continue to sell Just Love Coffee

What will we do in the future?
We have received several offers for future fundraisers. Someone is planning to do a garage sale for us in the spring, we have thought about a bbq or a pancake fundraiser. Many of my friends who do direct sales have offered to throw parties where the proceeds go toward our adoption. We are contemplating another auction as well. Please feel free to pass on any ideas you have! Once our home study is completed, we will begin applying for grants. Many people do not start fundraising before the home study is completed, but there were a large amount of fees that we needed covered before then so we started a little earlier.

Is it all through fundraising?
We really do not think it would be appropriate for us to raise all the money through others and not contribute ourselves. Please, do not think that about us at all. We are saving each month from the husband's pay check. I have taken a part-time job where all the proceeds go to the adoption account we set up. Also, I have a small cottage baking business out of my house and all the money from their goes to the adoption. I also do odd jobs and babysitting for people to earn some extra money.

The good news! Between our work/savings and the donations of so many, the fees we needed before the home study's completion are all covered! There is still a lot to go, but we see God providing so perfectly and surprisingly exactly when we need it. So thankful for all you coming alongside, praying, and donating to help us bring home our Little Pickle.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

13 Months

Ok I need to be honest with you guys - I totally missed that he had turned 13 months old. I was on vacation (pictures to come)! On the one hand, it's not his birthday, but on the other hand I don't want to miss a single thing in this little man's life. He is so precious and happy and wonderful. I'm so blessed that I get to see his smile every day!

Fun facts for month thirteen:

Weight: 20lbs 3oz (GUYS, he gained THREE POUNDS in a month!)

Height: 27.5+ inches
Eating: We are done nursing, 3 meals/1 snack
Sleeping: 2 naps per day, all night

Diaper: Size 3 diapers

Clothing: 6-12 months, 9-12 months, 12 months

What's new for month thirteen:

  • He gained SO much weight last month! 
  • He can walk a few steps to me/Cal and it is heart warming. 
  • He is loving putting things in a box and pulling things out of the box. 
  • He is climbing on everything 
  • He can put rings on his stacking toy and put the cups back together! 
  • He is talking all the time - he isn't saying that many words, but he is trying so hard. It's adorable. 
  • He has changed from saying "baba" for RB, to saying "rrrrrrbaba"
  • He has started to sit still long enough to read a book... or TWO
  • He is just the happiest baby I have ever seen
  • He eats non-stop
  • He loves bubbles and cries when I put them away - he laughs hysterically while he tries to pop them in the air or if they pop on his face 
  • He is immune to discipline (he just smiles when you tell him "no")
  • He is more climate sensitive than RB - he does not like to be very cold (although no problem with hot)
  • He is sort of a dare devil. He is always trying to throw himself backward or over my shoulder or off of things while laughing 
  • I think he still remembers what cake is because he lunged at a cake that I was baking the other day.
  • He likes to take his hat off and put it back on (while laughing) - he has discovered he can do that with RB's headbands too
  • His favorite food is...cream cheese.
  • He has gotten a little more cuddly and sometimes in the midst of playing, he will come over to give me a little cuddle/hug before he goes to play some more. 
  • His favorite toy is his wooden stacker
  • He takes after his sister in that he likes to touch foreheads with you when he's being sweet 
  • He loves giving open mouth kisses 
  • He love his ride on firetruck, but RB steals it a lot
  • He loves to pull out all the toys and books, then explore the whole room of mess he has created
  • He loves to look out the window
  • He loves his sister and they are playing so well! She gets down on the floor and they crawl around laughing hysterically