Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fundraising Information

So, can I just say (again) that I do not love fundraising. In a perfect world, we would just have enough money to do this completely on our own. However, it is not a perfect world and we want to bring this child home as fast as possible. So, that requires fundraising. Many people have asked me what all we have done, and what all we are currently doing to raise funds. Many people want to know if we are doing it solely through fundraisers, so I wanted to put a little information about us into your hands.

What have we done?
In 2014, we did our first waive of fundraising. First, we sold t-shirts (they are technically still available, but I need an order of at least 13 and do not have that) to help get the word out about our adoption. Second, we had an online Facebook silent auction right before Christmas. Lastly, we started selling Just Love Coffee (this is ongoing).
In 2015, we have opened a GoFundMe account after being asked several times to do so at  and we continue to sell Just Love Coffee

What will we do in the future?
We have received several offers for future fundraisers. Someone is planning to do a garage sale for us in the spring, we have thought about a bbq or a pancake fundraiser. Many of my friends who do direct sales have offered to throw parties where the proceeds go toward our adoption. We are contemplating another auction as well. Please feel free to pass on any ideas you have! Once our home study is completed, we will begin applying for grants. Many people do not start fundraising before the home study is completed, but there were a large amount of fees that we needed covered before then so we started a little earlier.

Is it all through fundraising?
We really do not think it would be appropriate for us to raise all the money through others and not contribute ourselves. Please, do not think that about us at all. We are saving each month from the husband's pay check. I have taken a part-time job where all the proceeds go to the adoption account we set up. Also, I have a small cottage baking business out of my house and all the money from their goes to the adoption. I also do odd jobs and babysitting for people to earn some extra money.

The good news! Between our work/savings and the donations of so many, the fees we needed before the home study's completion are all covered! There is still a lot to go, but we see God providing so perfectly and surprisingly exactly when we need it. So thankful for all you coming alongside, praying, and donating to help us bring home our Little Pickle.

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