Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

14 Months

Happy 14 Months!!

Fun facts for month fourteen:

Weight: ~22lbs

Height: ~29 inches
Eating: 3 meals/1 snack

Sleeping: 2 naps per day, all night
Diaper: Size 4 diapers
Clothing: 9-12 months, 12 months, 12-18 months (sizes are so weird)

What's new for month fourteen:

  • He has learned new words! He has added "ball", "dow" (door), "nonononono", "yeahyeahyeah", "ta too" (than you) and "uh oh" to his vocabulary
  • He will try and repeat almost any word you ask him to
  • He can scribble! 
  • He is trying to feed himself with a spoon
  • He is getting so much more intentional. He loves to pick things up, look at them, and decide where exactly to put them. He has gotten much more dextrous (sp?) and intentional with his actions.
  • If he is done with his food, he wants to hand it to you. Or sometimes he will hand it to you, and then as you go to grab it, he will take it back (while laughing) and eat it
  • Now when he doesn't like something, he's out of food, or he is in trouble he says, "nonononono noooo noooooo nooooo" almost like it's a song
  • He can walk a few feet to me/Cal and it is heart warming. (getting further by the day)
  • He is loving putting things in a box and pulling things out of the box. 
  • He is climbing on everything 
  • He can put rings on his stacking toy and put the cups back together! 
  • He is talking all the time - he isn't saying that many words, but he is trying so hard. It's adorable. 
  • He has changed from saying "baba" for RB, to saying "rrrrrrbaba"
  • He has started to sit still for longer books
  • He is just the happiest baby I have ever seen
  • He eats non-stop
  • He loves bubbles and cries when I put them away - he laughs hysterically while he tries to pop them in the air or if they pop on his face 
  • He is immune to discipline (he just smiles when you tell him "no")
  • He is more climate sensitive than RB - he does not like to be very cold (although no problem with hot)
  • He is sort of a dare devil. He is always trying to throw himself backward or over my shoulder or off of things while laughing 
  • I think he still remembers what cake is because he lunged at a cake that I was baking the other day.
  • He likes to take his hat off and put it back on (while laughing) - he has discovered he can do that with RB's headbands too
  • His favorite food is...cream cheese.
  • He has gotten a little more cuddly and sometimes in the midst of playing, he will come over to give me a little cuddle/hug before he goes to play some more. 
  • His favorite toy is his wooden stacker
  • He takes after his sister in that he likes to touch foreheads with you when he's being sweet 
  • He loves giving open mouth kisses 
  • He love his ride on firetruck, but RB steals it a lot
  • He loves to pull out all the toys and books, then explore the whole room of mess he has created
  • He loves to look out the window
  • He loves his sister and they are playing so well! She gets down on the floor and they crawl around laughing hysterically

He LOVES outside, the swing, and the park!

He has been trying to wrestle this ball and it is hilarious

He can feed himself...sort of

Happy Valentine's Day!

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