Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Monday, March 16, 2015

3 Years

Happy Birthday, RB! You are THREE!

Fun facts for year 3:

Weight: 30lbs

Height: 35in.

Sleeping: 1 naps per day, all night

Diaper: We are POTTY TRAINED, whoop.

What's new for year 3:
  • This girl amazes me. She is so funny, talkative, loving, adventurous, quiet, and crazy. What an awesome kid.
  • She loves to learn. She can say all her colors, numbers (up to 15 with some help to 20), letters, and is currently working on the sounds of letters. 
  • She really wants to learn to sound out small words. She can spell CAR and CAT with a little help.
  • She loves to draw, paint, make projects, or anything else that involves art supplies (especially glue sticks)
  • She loves her brother and is so sweet
  • She is still attached to the blanket, but at least it's only at nap time for the last year. It is slowly coming apart. 
  • She is pretty good at cooking/baking. She can stir like a boss. She is also great at dumping ingredients into the bowl and follows instructions really well. 
  • She loves to run in circles while singing Ring Around the Rosie
  • She loves to sing (Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle, Ba Ba Black Sheep, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Frere Jacques, Jingle Bells, Jesus Loves the Little children sort of, Oh No You Never Let Go)
  • She loves her tricycle and being outside
  • She loves to pick dandelions and throw their seeds into the air
  • She loves bubbles
  • She loves puzzles
  • She loves chalk 
  • She has lots of little friends, but her besties are always boys...not sure how I feel about that, but I can't complain because that was so me for a long time. 
  • She loves dinosaurs, planes, fire trucks, trains, cars, race cars, blocks, music, dancing, spinning, running, studying, sliding, climbing, and reading
  • Books are her go to as far as "toys" go
  • She is very sweet about taking care of her babies (Mary, Lindy Lou, and Allison - all her names of choice)
  • She loves to pretend and has a great imagination (This morning: Mommy! Last night, we all changed clothes and drove a spaceship in the water! And Daddy! He drove! And the fishes! Over there!) 
  • She does like animals up close, only from a distance
  • She loves her big girl bed
  • She prefers to sit in a highchair than a real chair (I think because she is short for her age)
  • She loves hair clips, braids, pigtails, and changing clothes
  • She has a very distinct taste in what she wears
  • Her favorite color is purple
  • Her favorite food is chocolate
  • She eats almost anything and even likes food from many different countries 
  • She is still very shy in public 
  • She likes to "baby wear" - she puts her baby in her shirt and tells me she is helping the baby calm down
  • She likes to pick out her own clothes
  • She loves making her brother laugh 
  • She is good at climbing

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