Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Thursday, March 26, 2015


"Give us Barabbas" is what the people said when faced with the choice to save either a criminal or the Christ.

I just read this incredible devotional this morning and was so convicted by the explanation of Barabbas. He was not a random addition! His full name was Jesus Barabbas, and bar -abba means son of the father. So they were give the choice to save Jesus son of the father or Jesus Son of the Father. Whoa. "Choose the false man or the true man."

We have that same choice now. We can choose Christ, His path, His life, giving Him control. Or, we can choose our sin. We can choose ourselves.

"Choosing Barabbas didn’t force the crowd to face their own sin. They could go on living their comfortable lives if they got rid of Jesus. Admitting that Christ is the true Son of God changes everything. It changes how we spend every moment of every day. It feels so much easier to just pat myself on the back and choose Barabbas—”look, I set the prisoner free!”
I’ve got to stop choosing Barabbas! I don’t want to live the false life; I want to stand in the truth! I don’t need to be lord of the sabbath; I acknowledge that Christ is Lord. I choose Him instead of me."

Today, I want to choose Christ.

Go here for the full study:

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