Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


So this For The Love book is amazing. Seriously speaking truth into my life. But you know what's even better, community.

There is a "closed" Facebook group for all of us launch teamers to talk about the book, but it's gotten to be way more than that! We are meeting up, making friends, being vulnerable, and praying for one another. I've never felt such an instant connection with this many women at one time before. It is life giving. I am laughing, crying, praying, and feeling revitalized. I am giving myself grace and dolling it out for others.

Why wasn't I doing this all along?

I think I've been feeling a little burned out. Exhausted. Dry. Stagnate. I've been reading the Word, I've been praying, I've been doing my thing, but haven't felt passionate for a little while. For someone who loves to feel passionate, it's so draining to full like everything is dim (spiritually). So this book is not the Bible and should not replace my alone time with God, but it has done some great things for me. It has helped me start laughing at myself, at the world, at Jen Hatmaker (because she's hysterical, bless). It has led me to a group of women who are exactly where I am right now (ok there are a few men in the group, but they don't post much because...they're men.) We are different ages, different life stages, different locations, but we are all struggling through life and most of us are struggling through the God thing too. We are putting too much on our plates, we are self-critical, we are isolated (often by our own "choosing"), and so much more. But now we are together. And in this togetherness we are open, honest, genuine, vulnerable. And in this togetherness we are getting grace, giving grace, encouraging each other, and praying for one another. It's so beautiful. It's like having all my weird, sarcastic friends all in one place, ha.

It has been life giving.

And with all this new found grace for myself and others, with this new perspective on God's love toward me and others, I am finding new life in God's Word. I am wearing His glasses and allowing my heart to be soft for His work once more. For the Love.

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