Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Our Lazy Day

So, I'll be honest. I'm not good at having a "lazy" day. The husb wants to hang out in our pajamas all day, play around the house, snack, and then watch movies during nap time. I want to go have adventures! (Don't hear me say that either is right or wrong, we are just so different) So this Memorial Day, we tried to do a little of both.

I started out the morning at 4:30am heading to my first Camp Gladiator (fitness boot camp) and that gave me so much energy for the day! They worked us really hard, but I am so glad I did it. Although I will say I am covered in mosquito bites. Note to self: bring bug spray, and an extra bottle of water. P.s. I have started drinking lemon in my water when I'm going to be hot and it really does make me feel like the water doesn't get so gross when it's lukewarm and I am heating up. It helps it taste a bit fresher.

Once everyone else also got up and got going, we dropped by Old Navy (I had a gift card for some workout clothes there) and then drove to Montrose to explore! No plan, just wandering around. I love that. We went in Half Price Books (RB is definitely my kid in that she wanted to touch and read every book in the whole place), we looked at so many different places, we saw a cool paint wall, and we saw some really fun and eclectic artwork on many of the buildings. I just love seeing all that is around. But for the husb and I, no adventure is complete without trying a new place to eat. After passing all these different places, we really got it in our head that we wanted some Thai food.

We wandered around some more until we found a fun Thai Place that had counter service (read: casual, we were super sweaty and wearing workout clothes) called Khun Kay Thai Cafe. Even our kiddos enjoyed the Thai food (garlic fried rice and chicken), although we did not get them anything spicy like we got ourselves. We love ourselves some spicy food - if your nose isn't running, then it isn't spicy enough ha.

We left Montrose and headed to my new favorite park for the kiddos. It has a big kid park, but it also has a whole playground section that is meant for smaller children. It is perfect for my littles to play on and RB can play without much help. She loves this park because she can have a lot of independence in her play and there is no piece of equipment that is off limits because of her size/age. After the kiddos were thoroughly exhausted, we took them home for nap time and they both fell immediately to sleep.

Then, we commenced my husband's idea of lazy. We watched The Theory of Everything (so sad emotionally and spiritually) and a television show. We just hung out and talked in the extra time. The movie was great in moments, but also just reminded me of the brokenness of people at the same time. It was heartbreaking that such pain and suffering exists. When the wife says that she had loved him and that she had really tried to keep loving him, that was so hard. That is how the world feels about love. I'm so thankful that God's definition of love is more long suffering and unconditional.

We had healthy spaghetti for dinner and promptly began our tv marathon once the kiddos were (bathed) back to bed. So hopefully both the husb and I were lazy day satisfied. Half adventure, half relaxing. That sounds about like our life and our personalities, different and yet so perfect together.

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