Brave Adventure

Brave Adventure

Friday, June 12, 2015

18 Months

Happy 18 Months! 
Fun facts for month eighteen:
Weight: 22lbs 6oz
Height:31 3/4in.
Eating: 3 meals a day, 1-2 snacks (he will eat any time you offer him food)
Sleeping: all night, two naps a day (although headed toward 1 nap)
Diapers: size 4
Clothing: 12-18 months, 18 months

What's new for month seventeen:  
  • He says "I do", "cheese" (as in smiling for pictures), "bowl", "me", "bubble" and is combining lots of words "no, thank you" "yes please" "hi daddy" "bye bye daddy", "I le doo" (I love you)
  • He is trying to say almost any word we ask of him
  • If I say, "Guess what?" He says "I le doo!" because I always say that to him :)
  • He is correctly answering questions with yes or no
  • He is saying please when he wants more! Less tantrums! He is also pointing and saying please to show us if he wants something different. 
  • When he greets or says goodbye to anyone, he tacks "daddy" on the end. It doesn't matter who you are or if daddy is even present. 
  • He can point to his nose, mouth, and belly button (he is working on his feet)
  • He loves to give me raspberries
  • He blows kisses for fun
  • He has so many funny sounds he likes to make 
  • He grunts and points when he wants to talk about something
  • He says "no, no, no, no" and points if he wants something (trying to teach him to say "please" instead)
  • He loves to roll the cars really fast and laugh (while trying to do a version of a car noise)
  • He loves any kind of fast movement, throwing, or swinging
  • He does "moo" for the cow, "nay!" (high pitched) for the horse, and a funny gutteral noise that is meant to sound like rawr for bears and lions
  • We are reading a lot these days - his favorite books are the clock/time book (praying at different times a day book), the Baby Sees... book, the Little Blue Truck, Pride & Prejudice babylit, and Sense & Sensibility babylit
  • He is getting more aggressive since his threenager sister has been a bit aggressive with him - we are trying to teach them both that it's not the best way to deal with conflict. 
  • He loves the sandbox and the little pool/slide combo
  • His hair is getting much longer! 
  • He is running everywhere and can climb stairs pretty well. If you hold both hands, he even takes them one step at a time. 

Art that surprises

In college I loved taking all of the classes in my Russian minor. I fell in love with this language, but also the culture. I took one class all about Russian art throughout many different periods of time. We looked at paintings, read plays, and more. It was such an incredible class with a quirky, hilarious teacher.

One artist that I became deeply interested in was Mikhail Vrubel. He had such an interesting way of using colors, showing dimensions, and everything he did had a haunting quality about it. He had a series of paintings having to do with a "demon" that really took my breath away. Above is just one of that series and was always my favorite. Everything about this painting pulls me in and says something to me. It also really challenges all of my ideas of what a demon would look like and even feel like. I love how you get a window into someone's mind when you see their work.

Tamara dancing for the demon. It seems weird to me that I am so captivated by a series of artwork that relies so heavily on a demon, but none of them seem dark like I would expect. They are so haunting and yet so beautiful. Maybe that's what demons are really like. They are the fallen angels of God, are they not? Beautiful to behold, but darkened by the fall.

The Swan Princess. This one is not one of the demon related ones, but still has some of those same aspects. This woman is incredibly beautiful, yet haunting and dark. I cannot even put it into words. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I did.

Join me as I tackle 300 writing prompts! Today's prompt - What is your favorite work of art and what do you love about it?